Religious Extremes Are Dangerous!

December 27, 2018

“Leatherbound Terrorism” by Chris Kratzer tells the story of a right wing Conservative, Fundamentalist, Evangelical minister who, after decades of preaching this theology of Pharisees, makes a 180 degree shift to the far left Progressive theology of a “feel good” Gospel, under the guise of “God’s Grace” with little to no mention of God’s TRUTH, for Jesus came “full of grace & truth” (John, chapter one). From condemnation and conditions to unconditional love with no conditions, the author gives a “free pass” to all people, whatever their beliefs. Repentance is not needed, for God’s Grace is sufficient. No need for anyone to believe that God IS and that HE IS in Control; that we are ALL sinners in need of a Savior. The author preaches a “gospel” of “there is nothing wrong with you”. This is not a book that I, an Evangelical, conservative Christian, falling in the middle of these two extremes, would give a good review. It’s great for discussion, but that’s about all. Better the author had made a 90 degree shift, for himself and for those whom he ministers. “For by Grace we are saved, through Faith (condition) and that not of your self; it is the gift of God.” (Ephesians 2:8).


“Is God A Gay Basher” Review

December 11, 2018

From Pastor Tom:

Jan Liebegott, a short shout out to one I have never met. Folks, I met with a group yesterday and spoke to them with “Is GOD A GAY BASHER” in hand…If you have not read this book, you really should…In it Jan nails just about everything I’ve stood for for years. Now Jan is just a “youngster”and knows a few things, BUT, was inspired to write this book and in so doing impressed a whole lot of folks, and that was just yesterday…No telling who the JANSTER has transformed lives heretofore. BUT, I will say, she has transformed MINE. THANKS Liebegott….YOU definitely got my attention all four times I’ve read it and 3 times that I’ve taught it.

Unconditional Salvation

October 27, 2018

To all who believe in unconditional/universal salvation:

What Does It Mean to Believe?

Resource with John Piper

Topic: Faith

The following is an edited transcription of the audio.

If I believe that Jesus is the Son of God the same way that I believe that Vladimir Putin is the leader of Russia, have I fulfilled the conditions needed to be saved? Or is there more to belief than that?

We know that it doesn’t fulfill the conditions, because the devil believes it. And we know that the devil believes it because when Jesus came into the world and began to confront the demonic powers of the Devil, they said out loud, “We know who you are. You are the holy one of God. You are the Son of God.” So the Devil is absolutely orthodox in his belief in the incarnation of the Son of God in Jesus Christ. To believe in orthodox Christology is not to be saved. The Devil is very orthodox when it comes to his understanding of Christ.

So what is missing is not believing in the fact that Jesus is the Son of God but delighting in that fact, embracing that fact, and making Christ the treasure and the Lord of your life by surrendering to him.

In other words, “belief” is seeing him for who he really is, seeing him as infinitely valuable as the Son of God. It’s not just acknowledging the fact that he is the Son but also seeing him as infinitely precious and valuable. Satan, on the other hand, does not view God as precious and valuable. He hates Christ and Christ is a threat to his own value.

But when the Holy Spirit begins to work in our lives we’re not deceived like that anymore. We recognize that our value is nothing compared to Jesus’ value. Instead, we just want to know him, be with him, enjoy him, follow him, and celebrate him. That transition—that change of heart, so that we are now looking away from ourselves to Christ and embracing all that God is for us in him—that is what faith is. That is what belief is. That is what saves.
John Piper (@JohnPiper) is founder and teacher of and chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary. For 33 years, he served as pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is author of more than 50 books, including Desiring God: Meditations of a Christian Hedonist, and most recently Expository Exultation: Christian Preaching as Worship.

My Journey as a Christian, Gay Affirming Lesbian

September 21, 2018

I was born in Queens, New York on 4/22/46. My Parents met at Church. Dad was the organist and Mom was in the Choir. My brother and I were raised in the ways of the Lord.
In 1955 my family moved from Queens to Shoreham, on the North shore of Eastern Long Island. When I was fourteen I wanted to become a minister, but the Lutheran Church did not ordain women ministers at that time. Though disappointed, I was not going to let an ignorant rule stop me from serving my Lord. I’d find another way.
However, in 1973 I realized I was a lesbian. I was tormented. How could I be a Christian, serve the Lord and be an active lesbian? The Church said homosexuals were doomed to Hell. I knew all the passages the Church used to prove this, but I could not “buy” into their beliefs.
In 1976 I was married to a wonderful woman, in a ceremony in our home, by a Unitarian minister. Our sixteen year marriage ultimately failed, but we remain best of friends to this day. Since then I have lived alone where I worked as a bookkeeper until 2008, when I retired. I work part time during the day and continue to stay active in gay affirmation & celebration of gay love/marriage.
I have dedicated my life to my Lord, focusing on helping gays/lesbians know that they are loved by God and heirs to His Kingdom. My book, “Is God a Gay Basher”, available on Amazon, takes the reader on my journey through life and shows how to find peace with God, just as you are: gay.

Gay Video On My Gay Affirming Facebook Page.

August 31, 2018

Check out this page for lively discussions and, hopefully, some answers to your questions.   Gay or Straight, if you are struggling with the issue of homosexuality OR if you would like to comment your beliefs, please join us!!  ALL welcome!

Clobbering Anti-Gay Theology

July 1, 2018

Don’t fall prey to this erroneous theology.  Learn how to find peace with your sexual orientation and with God.  You can be Gay and Saved!

Port Jefferson, NY area.

Right Wing Conservative Christian Confusion.

May 10, 2018

Have you ever noticed that right wing, conservative Christians quote more from the letters of Paul when it comes to the issues of homosexuality and women’s submission to men “as their head” than they do from the Gospel of Jesus? It is as if the “gospel of Paul”, who doubtlessly preaches salvation through Christ, is more important. Let us remember that not every book of the Bible carries equal weight.

Take a sample read of my book and see how Right Wing Christians misuse the “clobber passages” and the Creation Account to justify their prejudice.


People of Grace: Anti-Gay Cult

February 12, 2018

Watch out for this pseudo christian cult. I’ve read his book; been Facebook friends with him; debated for hours. He’s another casualty of anti-gay theology because he believed the anti-gay propaganda! Want to avoid this “cancerous theology” order…

June 12, 2015 Jason tesch Scott Barefoot I grew-up in a conservative Christian (Lutheran – WELS) home, and during my teenage years began struggling with same-sex-attractions. That subsequently led to me choosing to embrace-live a homosexual lifestyle for over a decade beginning in my early 20s. By…

Beware of Christians Who Say The Bible Is “Clear” on Homosexuality Being A Sin!

January 16, 2018


“Is God A Gay Basher?”  Memoirs of a Christian, gay affirming lesbian explains why.

God’s Unconditional Love

January 14, 2018

Many people, probably even many Christians, think God’s love is unconditional. And insofar as God extends his love to all people without distinction, it is true.  However, to preach that God’s love will save one to Eternal Life in Heaven, without conditions, is not Scriptural.  Now, if one does not believe in God you may hear, as I did from a beloved person, “IF God exists, He loves me and will save me.”  Not true.  We are ALL saved by God’s Grace IF WE REPENT!  Repent means to turn to God, worship Him as our Creator and Savior and confess before Him that we are sinners in need of a Savior; that being Jesus!  This is the GRACE of God, that we do NOT deserve, but because of God’s LOVE we are given the gift of Eternal Life — IF WE WANT IT !!   God in the person of Jesus PAID the price of our entry into Heaven.  If you find yourself being turned away from Heaven (when you die), don’t blame God; don’t portray Him as a nasty, cruel tyrant who will send you to Hell if you don’t believe on Him (as many progressive Christians preach)!  If you go to Hell, blame yourself!  Mother Angelica, on her TV show was asked “why does a person go to Hell?”  She responded, “Because they chose to.”  Christian Church:  Stop preaching a one sided theology.  Jesus came to Earth full of Grace and Truth (Gospel of John, Chapter 1).  The Church MUST preach both, as Jesus did when He walked among us.