Right Wing Conservative Christian Confusion.

May 10, 2018

Have you ever noticed that right wing, conservative Christians quote more from the letters of Paul when it comes to the issues of homosexuality and women’s submission to men “as their head” than they do from the Gospel of Jesus? It is as if the “gospel of Paul”, who doubtlessly preaches salvation through Christ, is more important. Let us remember that not every book of the Bible carries equal weight.

Take a sample read of my book and see how Right Wing Christians misuse the “clobber passages” and the Creation Account to justify their prejudice.




People of Grace: Anti-Gay Cult

February 12, 2018


Watch out for this pseudo christian cult. I’ve read his book; been Facebook friends with him; debated for hours. He’s another casualty of anti-gay theology because he believed the anti-gay propaganda! Want to avoid this “cancerous theology” order https://read.amazon.com/kp/embed…

June 12, 2015 Jason tesch Scott Barefoot I grew-up in a conservative Christian (Lutheran – WELS) home, and during my teenage years began struggling with same-sex-attractions. That subsequently led to me choosing to embrace-live a homosexual lifestyle for over a decade beginning in my early 20s. By…

Gay Affirming Speaker/Counselor: Port Jefferson, NY area.

January 28, 2018



                       “IS GOD A GAY BASHER?” 


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Beware of Christians Who Say The Bible Is “Clear” on Homosexuality Being A Sin!

January 16, 2018


“Is God A Gay Basher?”  Memoirs of a Christian, gay affirming lesbian explains why.


God’s Unconditional Love

January 14, 2018

Many people, probably even many Christians, think God’s love is unconditional. And insofar as God extends his love to all people without distinction, it is true.  However, to preach that God’s love will save one to Eternal Life in Heaven, without conditions, is not Scriptural.  Now, if one does not believe in God you may hear, as I did from a beloved person, “IF God exists, He loves me and will save me.”  Not true.  We are ALL saved by God’s Grace IF WE REPENT!  Repent means to turn to God, worship Him as our Creator and Savior and confess before Him that we are sinners in need of a Savior; that being Jesus!  This is the GRACE of God, that we do NOT deserve, but because of God’s LOVE we are given the gift of Eternal Life — IF WE WANT IT !!   God in the person of Jesus PAID the price of our entry into Heaven.  If you find yourself being turned away from Heaven (when you die), don’t blame God; don’t portray Him as a nasty, cruel tyrant who will send you to Hell if you don’t believe on Him (as many progressive Christians preach)!  If you go to Hell, blame yourself!  Mother Angelica, on her TV show was asked “why does a person go to Hell?”  She responded, “Because they chose to.”  Christian Church:  Stop preaching a one sided theology.  Jesus came to Earth full of Grace and Truth (Gospel of John, Chapter 1).  The Church MUST preach both, as Jesus did when He walked among us.


Is Trump Sent From God?

January 13, 2018

“Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.  You will know them by their fruits.”  Matthew 7:15-16


“Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control”.  These are the fruits of the Spirit of God.  Galations 5:22

When judging anyone or anything we must DISCERN based on the “fruits of one’s labor”.   Though no human can perfect these “fruits”,  it is not difficult to discern those who are bearing good fruit from those who are not.

Think about it!  Is President Trump and his supporters bearing good fruit?

So Many Gay Affirming Books

November 28, 2017


I love the increase of Christian gay affirming books on homosexuality.  When I was growing up, there were NONE!  Yet, somehow, without them, I was able to wade through the anti-gay books and, more importantly, the Church’s condemnation of homosexuality, based on the Bible.  I had no formal theological schooling;  Each time I read those passages, I just could not see what I was feeling and, later, living, as sinful.  In recent years these new gay affirming books have come to reinforce what I always believed.  Sometimes they are a bit complicated, but they are a needed read along with my autobiography which takes you on my personal journey to peace with my homosexuality and with God, in a simple, easy to read format that delves deeply into the passages used to “clobber” gays.  Click below and get a free sample read.


Clobbering Anti-Gay Theology 101

November 11, 2017


Admonition To The Church

November 6, 2017

Admonition to the Church of Jesus the Christ (of which I am a member).


We, each of us who proclaim to be Christians, have got to take a good look at ourselves, individually and collectively and see how we have strayed from the Gospel of Jesus.

We ARE divided; we ARE not loving God or our neighbors as Jesus COMMANDED us to love.  We are arrogant, self-righteous hypocrites!  We have justified our sinful behavior by abusing the Word of God (and I do mean the Bible).  WE are NOT  “one Church united in Christ” and because of our extreme right wing conservative and extreme left wing progressive theologies we have driven people away from God by either giving God a bad reputation or watering down God’s authority.  Those who do not believe and those struggling with their faith are doing so because WE, the one Church of Jesus Christ, have failed!

We perceive and define God through OUR eyes and not through GOD’S eyes.  We have not “submitted our will to God’s Will”; we have not “denied ourselves and surrendered to God’s Will”.  We believe we have, but we fool ourselves.

This must stop.  We must pray God’s forgiveness and for His wisdom to see sin through HIS eyes of GRACE and TRUTH; not one or the other, but BOTH, for “Jesus walked among us “Full of Grace (i.e. Love) and Truth (i.e. we humans are sinners in need of a Savior”).

There is no good in any of us EXCEPT that which is given by God, IF we listen and we are not listening to God’s Holy Spirit as we ought.

If the church cannot get on the same page; if we continue to preach with such disagreement and confusion, we will continue to alienate people from the one and only God of Creation and Salvation.

WE MUST PRAY for each other and our selves to truly be united as the Church of Jesus the Christ as HE originally commanded us to be!

“3 things I pray:  See Thee more clearly, Love Thee more dearly, Follow Thee more nearly.”  Day by Day from Godspell.

Religious Left As Dangerous As Religious Right!

October 9, 2017

(Religious LEFT message):  If you don’t hear this message at church this morning, hear it from me–Jesus didn’t die to save you from an angry God, but to save you from believing He is. For God is not a divine drunk storming out of a bar with retaliation in His heart towards an unfaithful humanity.

Instead, the wrath of God is His furious love reaching out, longing to possess that which She desires–your full awakening to Grace.

In fact, hell is the experience of the religious in a heaven where all are equally loved, accepted, approved, and adored without conditions. For nothing tortures and frustrates the heart of the self-righteous like the giving of wholeness and approval to all by a God who is pure Love and unlimited Grace.

So, hear it loud and hear it clear, there is no punishment, condemnation, or vengeance from God towards you or anyone else–period, full stop. His heart has nothing but affection and affirmation for you. Go ahead, try as you will, God’s love and goodness can never be over exaggerated or overestimated. To believe is to rest in the goodness of God without fear.

For the only two places in Scripture where Jesus was specifically recorded as being angry were at people withholding Grace, not at people trusting, believing, and proclaiming it too much–if that could ever be a thing.

Relax, breath, be free, and live. You are loved beyond measure.

My reply:  Got to disagree: Many people, probably even many Christians, think God’s love is unconditional. And insofar as God extends his love to all people without distinction, it is true. But many have bought into the sentimental notion of unconditional love evidenced in the old popular song, “Though it makes him sad to see the way we live, he’ll always say, ‘I forgive.’ ” This is fuzzy romanticism and cheap grace, not the good news of Jesus Christ.

For all who question God on His Unconditional Love!

If God is all-powerful and all-loving, it would seem inconsistent with His nature to allow anyone to be lost. Here again we rationalize because we do not understand the nature of God. God cannot go against His own laws and against His own nature. God is holy. He cannot tolerate sin in His presence. He created us free to choose how we would live. He invites us to come His way, but leaves us free to pursue our own ends with tragic, natural consequences. We glibly say, “Surely a loving God would not allow a person He loves to be lost. He just wouldn’t allow it.” Far from allowing it, God has done everything He can to prevent it! Talk about love! “God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes shall not perish but have eternal life”. (Condition). This is good news. Because of what God in love has done for us, we need not be lost.