God’s Unconditional Love Is Misunderstood!

July 31, 2019

Many people, probably even many Christians, think God’s love is unconditional. And insofar as God extends his love to all people without distinction, it is true. But many have bought into the sentimental notion of unconditional love evidenced in the old popular song, “Though it makes him sad to see the way we live, he’ll always say, ‘I forgive.’ ” This is fuzzy romanticism and cheap grace, not the good news of Jesus Christ.

For all who question God on His Unconditional Love!

If God is all-powerful and all-loving, it would seem inconsistent with His nature to allow anyone to be lost. Here again we rationalize because we do not understand the nature of God. God cannot go against His own laws and against His own nature. God is holy. He cannot tolerate sin in His presence. He created us free to choose how we would live. He invites us to come His way, but leaves us free to pursue our own ends with tragic, natural consequences. We glibly say, “Surely a loving God would not allow a person He loves to be lost. He just wouldn’t allow it.” Far from allowing it, God has done everything He can to prevent it! Talk about love! “God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes shall not perish but have eternal life”. (Condition). This is good news. Because of what God in love has done for us, we need not be lost.


Admonition to the Church of Christ!

July 31, 2019

11/4/17 (composed before 11/5/17 murders in Texas Church)

Admonition to the Church of Jesus the Christ (of which I am a member).

We, each of us who proclaim to be Christians, have got to take a good look at ourselves, individually and collectively and see how we have strayed from the Gospel of Jesus.

We ARE divided; we ARE not loving God or our neighbors as Jesus COMMANDED us to love.  We are arrogant, self-righteous hypocrites!  We have justified our sinful behavior by abusing the Word of God (and I do mean the Bible).  WE are NOT  “one Church united in Christ” and because of our extreme right wing conservative and extreme left wing progressive theologies we have driven people away from God by either giving God a bad reputation or watering down God’s authority.  Those who do not believe and those struggling with their faith are doing so because WE, the one Church of Jesus Christ, have failed!

We perceive and define God through OUR eyes and not through GOD’S eyes.  We have not “submitted our will to God’s Will”; we have not “denied ourselves and surrendered to God’s Will”.  We believe we have, but we fool ourselves.

This must stop.  We must pray God’s forgiveness and for His wisdom to see sin through HIS eyes of GRACE and TRUTH; not one or the other, but BOTH, for “Jesus walked among us “Full of Grace (i.e. Love) and Truth (i.e. we humans are sinners in need of a Savior”).

There is no good in any of us EXCEPT that which is given by God, IF we listen and we are not listening to God’s Holy Spirit as we ought.

If the church cannot get on the same page; if we continue to preach with such disagreement and confusion, we will continue to alienate people from the one and only God of Creation and Salvation.

WE MUST PRAY for each other and our selves to truly be united as the Church of Jesus the Christ as HE originally commanded us to be!

“3 things I pray:  See Thee more clearly, Love Thee more dearly, Follow Thee more nearly.”  Day by Day from Godspell.

“Is God A Gay Basher?” Review.

July 31, 2019

Tom Weller

Yes, authors do tend to support one another…My book is a primer…This one is far more than that, as is Walking the Bridge less Canyon by Kathy V. Baldock and Sister Paula Nielsen‘s autobiography.

I first met Jan Liebegott several years back. When it became her turn to voice her opinion in print, I jumped immediately on the band wagon.. She is a dear friend, although we have yet to meet face to face, but having read this book over and over, She says what I struggled for years to translate into language that people could understand…SHE tells her story in a way that very few have the courage to talk about and say out loud

Folks…We as Allies do not possess the intimate knowledge of feelings, emotions, and the knowledge that a person like Jan possesses..She states the case that I defend and will continue to defend.

It really don’t matter where you’ve played before, this stage is a brand new game…You have at your fingertips definitive definition to an issue of mounting importance…I have the book, I love the author’s candidness and objectivity…Perhaps you have question that Jan can answer for you. Perhaps you are LGBTQ, still in the closet and are frightened by the thought of coming out…Regardless? No matter what? Give this expose a read…It is worth your time and worth your talent to consider this.

WE as a culture need to understand all elements of our culture and this is a sure fire way to add a piece to YOUR understanding of US. I highly recommend this book to you…

Response to Scott Barefoot

July 31, 2019

7/1/16  Scott Barefoot

“I continue to get asked the question: “If it hadn’t been for your HIV diagnosis, do you really think you would’ve left the ‘gay community'”?
Here is my answer:
“Your question is not a foreign one… Many people ask it.
Yes, my HIV diagnosis was a significant “low point”, but I cannot say that had it not been for it, that I wouldn’t have left the “gay community”. I would like to think that The Holy Spirit would’ve worked in some other way.
The gay community is a young, “body beautiful” one… Once you reach a certain age, gain a few extra pounds, your hairline recedes a bit… You become “incommunicado”… I.E. An outcast.
It is indisputable that embracing a homosexual lifestyle is against God’s will. And, The Holy Spirit works in various ways to convict hearts. Maybe, the HIV diagnosis was His way in doing that for me.
I pray that it doesn’t take something so drastic for you (and others).”
That’s my answer!”


1)  “I cannot say”, “I would like to think” “Maybe”.  Doesn’t sound convincing to me.


  • “Gay Community is a young, “body beautiful” one etc. This is a person describing a community of externals.  Lose your “looks” and you’re an outcast?  Come on!  This is the thinking of immature people.


  • True; the Holy Spirit works in various ways to convict hearts and can use HIV, brought on by promiscuous sexual living, not uncommon to the straight world, but I believe this man misunderstood what the Holy Spirit was convicting. It was not this man’s desire to love and be loved, in a marital way, with another man.  It was to lead him TO such a relationship, instead of his many “partners” in the time he participated in the “gay lifestyle”.  Had he not gotten HIV, he’d still be in the “gay lifestyle” of shallow, serial relationships.


  • “Indisputable that homosexuality is against God’s Will” – very debatable, but that’s the way he was raised and rejected UNTIL he was diagnosed HIV. Then he began to rethink and “threw the baby out with the dirty water”.   Longing to belong; longing for peace, he returned to the belief of his younger years – i.e. homosexuality is a sin.



This is NOT the way to peace with one’s homosexuality and Christian faith, for it is living a lie.  It is denial in the name of “God condemns homosexuality.”

“Forgiveness in NOT Unconditional!”

July 31, 2019

It is important to note that Jesus’ prayer, “Father, forgive them,” does not mean that everyone was forgiven, unilaterally, WITHOUT REPENTANCE and faith. It DOES mean that Jesus was willing to forgive them—forgiveness was, in fact, the reason He was on the cross. The words “Father, forgive them” show the merciful heart of God

“Welcoming Churches”

July 31, 2019

It saddens and angers me that many Christian Churches are “LGBT Welcoming”.  They say, “God loves everyone.”


And insofar as God extends His love to all people, without distinction, this is true.


However, these Churches do not realize the harm they are doing.  God loves Adolf Hitler, the serial killer and the rapist.  In essence the Church is lumping LGBT’s in with these other dangerous people, whose behavior we disapprove.  Get my point, Church?  God loves and you may love, but are you approving, affirming and celebrating LGBT’s by just saying “We love you?”   NO!!


You’re setting up a false “safe haven” within the walls of the Church.  And when these LGBT’s realize your hypocrisy, they will leave the Church and perhaps lose their faith in God.

Progressive Christianity Can Be As Dangerous as the Extreme Christian Right!

July 31, 2019

“Leatherbound Terrorism” by Chris Kratzer tells the story of a right wing Conservative, Fundamentalist, Evangelical minister who, after decades of preaching this theology of Pharisees, makes a 180 degree shift to the far left Progressive theology of a “feel good” Gospel, under the guise of “God’s Grace” with little to no mention of God’s TRUTH, for Jesus came “full of grace & truth” (John, chapter one). From condemnation and conditions to unconditional love with no conditions, the author gives a “free pass” to all people, whatever their beliefs. Repentance is not needed, for God’s Grace is sufficient. No need for anyone to believe that God IS and that HE IS in Control; that we are ALL sinners in need of a Savior. The author preaches a “gospel” of “there is nothing wrong with you”. This is not a book that I, an Evangelical, conservative Christian, falling in the middle of these two extremes, would give a good review. It’s great for discussion, but that’s about all. Better the author had made a 90 degree shift, for himself and for those whom he ministers. “For by Grace we are saved, through Faith (condition) and that not of your self; it is the gift of God.” (Ephesians 2:8).

My Short Story: Christian, Gay Affirming Lesbian!

July 30, 2019

My Story:  “Is God A Gay Basher?”  Memoirs of a Christian, gay affirming Lesbian

I was born in Queens, New York on 4/22/46. My Parents met at Church. Dad was the organist and Mom was in the Choir. My brother and I were raised in the ways of the Lord.
In 1955 my family moved from Queens to Shoreham, on the North shore of Eastern Long Island. When I was fourteen I wanted to become a minister, but the Lutheran Church did not ordain women ministers at that time. Though disappointed, I was not going to let an ignorant rule stop me from serving my Lord. I’d find another way.
However, in 1973 I realized I was a lesbian. I was tormented. How could I be a Christian, serve the Lord and be an active lesbian? The Church said homosexuals were doomed to Hell. I knew all the passages the Church used to prove this, but I could not “buy” into their beliefs.
In 1976 I was married to a wonderful woman, in a ceremony in our home, by a Unitarian minister. Our sixteen year marriage ultimately failed, but we remain best of friends to this day. Since then I have lived alone where I worked as a bookkeeper until 2008, when I retired. I work part time during the day and continue to stay active in gay affirmation & celebration of gay love/marriage.
I have dedicated my life to my Lord, focusing on helping gays/lesbians know that they are loved by God and heirs to His Kingdom. My book, “Is God a Gay Basher”, available on Amazon, takes the reader on my journey through life and shows how to find peace with God, just as you are: gay.


Gay And Heaven Bound!

July 30, 2019

Wondering how I can say this?   How I explain (NOT TWIST) the “clobber passages” and the Creation Account.  It’s all in my autobiography.  Click on “view book on Amazon” (upper left corner) and take a free sample read.  Also, take a look at the reviews on Amazon.



July 30, 2019

This is a word that upsets some Christians, especially those who are “progressive Christians”.   Some don’t believe repentance is needed for salvation.

There are two levels of Repentance :  The first is to repent and believe that Jesus IS who He claimed to be – the Messiah, God in the flesh, the Way, Truth & Life i.e.  the only way to Heaven.   The second level is Confession of sins, known & unknown, on a daily basis which is a result of the 1st.   

Both are taught by Jesus.   To deny the necessity of both levels of repentance is to deny Jesus.