Are “Gay Welcoming” Churches for real?

I’ve been in many churches and they all know I’m a Christian lesbian . They also know that I am a gay activist. The word “activist” may threaten some; however, that’s not my problem. I am a peaceful activist who is not shy; I talk to the Church about homosexuality and the Bible, in an attempt to educate. Sadly, the Church, as a whole, is not interested in what I have to say. Most all are polite, even friendly. A few are totally pro-gay.
Having said this, the sad fact is that the Church is NOT gay welcoming. Sure, they will not turn you away, but you better not say too much about homosexual love as sinless. Just sit in your pew and don’t talk about your sexual orientation or how the Church is hurting the GLBT community unless asked and that rarely happens.
Come to all the suppers, Bible studies and other Church activities and try to blend in with the heterosexuals. You are welcome. This is in the “good” churches. Not good enough for me.
Then there are the Churches who welcome gays, but only to help us “repent” of our sinful homosexual ways and change. HA!!
I can only speak for myself, but I’m sick of “blending in” and sick of so-called “gay welcoming” or “gay friendly” Churches. If there is a Metropolitan Community Church nearby, go to that church where your homosexual/bi/trans orientation will be celebrated. If none are around your area, as in my case, you’ve got a big decision: stay and fight for your God-given homosexual love or leave the church. Leaving a Church does not mean leaving God. One does not have to go to a Church building to worship and serve our Lord Jesus as the Christians we are. I will continue to peacefully fight within my home “gay welcoming Church” until the Lord tells me otherwise. I will accept nothing less than Christianity celebrating our sexual orientation!
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