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Ex-Gay Movement Is False

August 19, 2010

If you’ve wandered onto an ex-gay site, you have read testimony from people who have been ‘cured’ of their homosexuality thru the power of Jesus Christ. Sincere as they are, their testimony is false. These people have merely changed their sexual ‘behavior’ from same gender to opposite gender or to celibacy and many will admit to having to battle homosexual thoughts & feelings on a daily basis. If one is ‘cured’, this would not occur. You see, changing their behavior has not changed their nature. My Sunday school teacher lost his right arm when he was 17 and was right handed. He learned to use his left hand, but his natural orientation was right handed which was evident when he played baseball, for he’d hit from the right handed side of the plate. Though adept with his left hand, it was not his original nature.
This is what happens to those who claim to have changed from homosexuality. However, unlike my Sunday school teacher, these “formally” gay people have been guilted and scared, by alleged Christians, into believing they have to change or they will not go to Heaven. It is almost cultist. Preying on insecure gays, the ex-gay movement convinces them they can change, lead the life God intended and get to Heaven. This is not Biblical. Scripture teaches that salvation depends, not on what WE do or don’t do, but on what God has already done through His Son Jesus Christ. ( Read it in John 3:16, Romans 10: 9 & 10 and James 2:17).
So, to all my ‘ex-gay”, gay brothers and sisters, stay way from people who tell you that you must become straight or you will end up in Hell. You know, beneath all the condemning brainwashing, that you are still gay by nature. Behave straight all you want, but your behavior is a lie and you know it. Down deep you are gay; it is the way God created you and loving a same gender person in a committed, monogamous relationship is not a sin. Pretending to be something you are not is destructive and a sin, for it is living a lie.
Celebrate who God made you, despite the prejudice and persecution you will face in this life, for you are God’s beloved child and you can be a gay Christian, saved by the blood of Jesus.
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Gays, Jesus and the Religious Right

August 5, 2010

In Matthew 23 & Luke 11, Jesus responds to questions the Pharisee’s asked in order to test the authority of Jesus. Pharisees were the religious leaders of that era; self-righteouss, condemning know it alls. Jesus was not at all pleased with them for they were externally holy, but corrupt in their hearts.
Pharisee’s are still around in our religious right Christians. Like the Pharisees of Jesus’ time, they know the laws of Scripture, but errouneously interpret Scripture. By doing this they hinder those who want to know God and His Truth. (Luke 11:52)
Todays Pharisees zoom in on an issue they did not in Jesus’ day: Homosexuality. They preach Hellfire to all who “practice” homosexual behavior, believing the Bible teaches that NO homosexual is capable of love within a monogamous relationship and, further, no active gay is a true Christian.
More sophisticated in their false preaching, for sure, but what would Jesus say:
“Woe to you gays who say you love me and your partner?”
“Woe to you, modern day Pharisees?”

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