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Homosexuality: Thoughts By a Straight, Christian Woman

September 19, 2010

We have been taught that homosexuality is a sin and as Christians we must try our best to amend and change our sinful ways. This subject is now being discussed among the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.
3 ordained ministers, written about in the “Lutheran Standard”, do not have a church, yet, because they will not say or promise not ever to marry (their own gender) in the future. The church knows there are ordained homosexual ministers in the church who stay closeted and are allowed to pastor a parish under this condition. Many feel too much time is being spent on this sexual subject. The church should be directing its energy to preaching, teaching and mission work. It is slow work trying to write a statement of equal spiritual inclusivity, but the modern church must do this. It may take 2-5 years before we get everything solved. Right now, the ELCA is afraid to make too hasty a statement because they fear this could split the church wide apart.
Author: 71 year young, straight, Christian mother – written November, 1989
Mom, been way more than 5 years with little progress and when you died (2001) I could see the worry you had for me, your Christian lesbian daughter. I also knew, though you loved your Church, you were disappointed, to put it mildly. I carry on your dream and legacy for spiritual equality; for celebration of gay LOVE.
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Gays: Don’t Believe the Religious Right: They Are Wrong!

September 4, 2010

In the last 20 years, gay people have been getting some mixed messages from the Christian Church. Many denominations are debating the issue of homosexuality as a sin and in some the vote is almost equal, but not enough to change Church doctrine from condemning to celebrating homosexuality. I was born in 1946 and did not realize I was lesbian till 1973. A Christian since birth, knowing all the passages on same gender sex, I was scared I’d go to Hell if I acted on my feeling of LOVE (not talking casual sex here) for another woman. I talked with clergy, but they all told me I was going to Hell. There were no theological affirming books to help. I had a Christian mother who was helpful because she didn’t believe homosexual love was a sin. However, I needed to hear that from the Church and that was not the case. There were no mixed messages in my day. Metropolitan Community Church was in its infancy, but I’d never heard of it. So, I was left on my own to figure this out. Well, I wasn’t alone – I had a relationship with God/Jesus and I prayed much and kept reading the ‘clobber’ passages and it didn’t take too many months before I realized that my feelings were nothing like what I was reading in the Bible. So, I trusted in the safety of my soul’s final destination and said “I’m gay and gay is how I’m going to live and love”. I am a gay Christian to this very day. Homosexuality does not have to kill your faith in the Creator & Savior of all, as some Christian clergy erroneously preach. So many gays have bought the lie of condemnation of homosexuality and have paid a terrible price. This does not have to happen to any gay person. It is why I wrote my autobiography, “Is God A Gay Basher?” and am selling it as an ebook ($6), for it explains how I came to peace with my sexual orientation and an even closer relationship with God/Jesus. Whether you are gay or straight, you can benefit from my book.