Another Gay Suicide

I do not approve of invading the privacy of what one does in his/her bedroom and putting the video on the internet. That being said, this video ended in the suicide of a homosexual 18 year old at Rutgers Univ. If anyone does not believe this is a trajedy, shame on you. I can’t stress enough how important it is for our Churchs to wake up and know that gay suicides will continue to happen because of the apathy of the Christian Church to reach out to the gay community. Just welcoming gays into your Church is not enough, for many gays have been hurt by your condemning attitude and want nothing to do with Church or God. The Church MUST get involved IN the gay community; not to change our sexual orientation, but by reaching out to those who need to know that God loves all, gay or straight and salvation is for all who proclaim Christ as Savior (John 3:16). Church, you continue to fail in bringing gays to Christ. Most “welcoming churchs'” are merely “humoring churchs'”.


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