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Gays: Who Defines You?

November 17, 2010

You may answer, “ME”, but the answer is more complex than one might think for the negative attitude of society which is based on the condemning attitude of the Church undermines our self identity and self-worth. We know we are gay, but many are not comfortable being gay, which leads to a life of conflict that manifests itself in obsessive, overbearing and self destructive behaviors. We begin to identify ourselves as gay, first and foremost, when we are so much more than our sexuality. Nothing wrong with being openly gay and I encourage this. However, we must let others get to know us as a WHOLE person instead of flaunting one aspect of our being. This will only threaten straight people and reinforce their negativity.
Embrace your whole being and celebrate all that God has made you. Others will see this and it will make it easier for them to celebrate homosexuals.
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