Gays and Christian Church

As a Christian Lesbian, passionately trying to educate mainline Christian Churches to the error of their interpretation of Scripture, in regards to homosexuality, i.e. that it is a sin, I must admit that the prospect of my endeavors and hopes are bleak . Even if all Churches changed tomorrow, I wonder if it would be too late for gay people because years of condemnation have left wounds too deep for mainline churches to heal. This is why I pray for the continued growth of Metropolitan Community Churches, for they accept and affirm all sexual orientations as they preach the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. Nevertheless, I will continue trying to help mainline Churches see the truth. I hope and pray that all in the gay community (GLBT) will seek out a Metropolitan Community Church and give it a try. You can listen via the internet to one of the best MCC’s around – just type “holy cross mcc Pensacola” in the search bar and listen to the sermons, especially the one given on 10/11/09 (scroll down to find “Identity Theft”). It will change your heart. May God bless all.


2 Responses to “Gays and Christian Church”

  1. Khaly Says:

    I’m NOT sick! And your cure involves cinversoon to a god that has the WORST religious track record in the history of religion! (as I believe allah, yahweh, and the christian god are the same deity, just with different names.) I was a Christian, but I had the good sense to leave that hateful religion for Paganism, which I have been practicing for 6 years now. We gays aren’t sick ! Homophobia, racism, and hatred for non-Christians are the sicknesses, and tolerance and understanding are the cure. Get cured today!


    • adamross616 Says:

      If you’re speaking of homosexuality, you’re not sick!! The Church is homophobic, but let us not confuse the Church with the Bible. The church has grossly misinterpreted Scripture on same gender sex. The Bible is not talking about homosexuality and if you read my book you would understand better. You have turned to Paganism because you ‘bought’ Christian condemnation of homosexuality. But in the last 40 years our mainline Churches are trying to understand what the Bible is truly saying about homosexual loving, committed relationships i.e. marriage. What have your Pagan gods done for you? They have given you a license to sin; to do whatever you please. The true and only God, the Trinity, has given us rules and you don’t like them. “WORST track record”, as you put it. Who created you? Who sacrificed Himself on a cross so that all can spend eternity with Him in Heaven? Yes, you got to believe in HIM; confess your sins and follow in Jesus ways. God’s rules are not to condemn us, but to help us live life peacefully and abundantly. God’s love is unconditional, but salvation is not. The Church is not perfect because it is made up of imperfect humans. You want perfection in this life, you’ll never find it, especially in your pagan gods. Perfection is in Heaven only and Jesus is the way to Heaven. Check out Holy Cross MCC in Pensacola, FLA and see what this ‘gay’ church preaches. It is an all inclusive church. May God lead you back to Christ.


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