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Homosexuality and the Church

March 22, 2011

Seven years ago, at my home Lutheran Church, they held a 6 week discussion on Homosexuality and the Bible. The Northeast Lutheran Synod had prepared pages on what they had been debating; pro & con and wanted to know how people in the congregation believed. As a Christian lesbian I had to go and found that there were 2 other gay men in a group of 50 people who attended. After 6 weeks, those who believed homosexuality to be natural and, therefore, sinless (about 10) and those who believed homosexuality to be unnatural and, therefore, a sin (the majority) changed not in their beliefs. One man, a retired Lutheran minister, who was quite adamant on his belief that homosexuality is an abominable sin, was asked by our pro-gay minister, “If the Synod decides to change it’s doctrine on this issue, how will you feel?” To this the retired minister replied, “I would feel that the Church has betrayed me.” Welcome to our world Reverand, for the Church has betrayed gays since day one with their erroneous misinterpretation, mistranslation and ignorance of the Bible. The discussion on this issue goes on within our Synod and progress is slow. They have been debating since 1989 and still cannot unanimously agree, one way or the other. Indecision won’t help anyone. Order my book “Is God A Gay Basher?” and travel with me on my journey as a Christian gay who, like many others, had to climb this mountain without human help. I found the truth and have lived and loved as a lesbian. There is no sin in same gender love.


Gays: Do Not Give Up Hope

March 3, 2011

Every now and then I get a comment which reads “I’m losing hope.” I understand cause I’ve been there. Yet, here I am, almost 65 years old, living and loving for the past 38 years as a lesbian. It was a long battle; took me over 20 years to realize I was lesbian. As a lifelong Christian, the battle was harder. Back in 1973, when I finally came out to myself, there was no help. Every church I went to told me I was going to Hell. There were no books to help. It was just me and God and I kept on praying and HE led me to the truth; the truth of which I speak on this blog and in my autobiography “Is God A Gay Basher?” You can buy the ebook on Amazon and see my journey to peace with self and God. It’s got the answers you need to give you hope and keep you from years of torment. DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE!!