Gays: Do Not Give Up Hope

Every now and then I get a comment which reads “I’m losing hope.” I understand cause I’ve been there. Yet, here I am, almost 65 years old, living and loving for the past 38 years as a lesbian. It was a long battle; took me over 20 years to realize I was lesbian. As a lifelong Christian, the battle was harder. Back in 1973, when I finally came out to myself, there was no help. Every church I went to told me I was going to Hell. There were no books to help. It was just me and God and I kept on praying and HE led me to the truth; the truth of which I speak on this blog and in my autobiography “Is God A Gay Basher?” You can buy the ebook on Amazon and see my journey to peace with self and God. It’s got the answers you need to give you hope and keep you from years of torment. DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE!!


One Response to “Gays: Do Not Give Up Hope”

  1. Hans Says:

    Like I said in other comments, I read the Bible, especially the New Testament, and it gave me hope and strength, for “GOD is LOVE” (1 John 4: 8+16b).
    Even in Europe there are movements, like the plebescite in Ireland, and Churches, like the “Old-Catholic” church (Alt-Katholische Kirche) in Germany, which is more liberal than the Roman Catholic church and offers “partnership blessings” because same-sex-marriage is still not allowed in Germany, but “recorded life-partnership” (Eingetragene Lebenspartnerschaft), which can be compared to marriage.


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