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Gays, Jesus and Eunuchs

April 16, 2011

Matthew 19: 12 (Jesus speaking) – “For there are eunuchs who have been so since birth and eunuchs who have been made by men and eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven.”
Let’s dissect this passage:
Those who have made themselves eunuchs have not castrated their bodies; they remain celibate; Jesus uses the word ‘eunuch’. Modern day Roman Catholic Priests are an example.
We don’t need to questions those who have been made eunuchs by men who literally castrated them.
But what does Jesus mean when he says there are some “who are BORN eunuchs”? How many baby boys or girls do you know who are born without sexual desire? Close to none.
In biblical days eunuchs were used to serve the king in many ways. Eunuchs MADE by men (castrated) were used in many areas, but some think they watched over the king’s women i.e. harem. However, a castrated man is still a sexual threat to a woman, so it was the BORN eunuchs, who had no desire for sex with a woman, who were put in charge of the king’s harem. Was Jesus speaking of homosexual men? Yes.
This passage comes right after Jesus’ disciples questioned him on the expediency of marrying. It is understandable for those who choose celibacy because of their chosen religious life, but not so for the other two. There are men MADE eunuchs by virtue of paralysis and they enjoy sex even though they don’t experience genital orgasm. Should they not marry? Should those BORN ‘eunuchs’ (homosexuals) not marry? Both should experience the love that is shared in marriage, if they so choose.
If one is going to use this passage to condemn homosexuality, one would have to condemn paralyzed people for being married. Ah, but you say, marriage was God created for just a man with a woman. This begs the question, what is marriage in God’s eyes? Marriage is a loving, committed, monogamous union between two consenting adults – period. Of course Jesus only talked of male/female marriage, because the people of biblical times knew nothing of love between same gender people. All they knew was that godless people, who worshiped graven images, had sex with anyone. The definitive word being SEX. Jesus’ definition of marriage was based on LOVE, not gender and the rules Jesus spoke of for heterosexuals apply to homosexuals too.
Anti-gay people hide behind Scripture, twisting it to condemn homosexuals. They would say the same of me, but each one reading this post must decide for themselves. I disagree with anti-gay people, but you won’t find me condemning them to Hell for their beliefs or behavior.


Gay Apathy is Useless

April 10, 2011

I received the following comment: “I wouldn’t say I totally agree, but it’s not really that big a deal.”
What a naive comment! Gays not only have to contend with those who condemn and hate us, but with all who feel as this commentor. I don’t expect all people to actively participate in the quest for gay rights, for there are all sorts of inequalities one can and should be involved. Any kind of bigotry is a big deal and nobody should be apathetic!! It’s a big deal to choose between living a lie about our sexual orientation or being openly gay. It’s a big deal hiding who we are, fearing the loss of our jobs, friends, family and even our lives. It’s a big deal being told you’re going to Hell because you’re gay. It’s a a big deal even when you’re marginalized by people and an even bigger deal when the Church supports such condenmation and marginalization. It’s a big deal to those in the gay community who suffer from low self-esteem because they buy into the erroneous Christian condemnation of homosexuality. Get off the fence cause you’re useless.