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Roman Catholic Gay Hypocrisy

May 30, 2011

As a Christian lesbian I am appalled by the homophobic hypocrisy within the Church. Let’s start with the Roman Catholics. They condemn homosexuality as a sin, yet they ordain gay Priests. HUH?? Oh, the vow of celibacy makes it all right for gays to become Priests. HUH?? Inside they are still gay and have gay thoughts and I bet they are required to repent of their sinful gay thoughts in the confessional, do a few ‘Hail Mary’s’ and that makes it OK. HUH?? Ever heard of being humored? Do you really believe all those gay Priests believe they are sinning? And why does the Roman Catholic Church protect their gay Priests when one does a sexual ‘no-no’ with another gay adult and don’t fool yourself into thinking this doesn’t happen. If you truly believe homosexuality is a sin you should not ordain any gay Priests. Wouldn’t that make more sense? Wouldn’t that show that you sincerely believe homosexuality to be an abomination before God?
To be fair, you find this hypocrisy in the Protestant religions, too. Some denominations ordain openly gay partners as ministers, and they will ordain a single openly gay man or woman with the stipulation that they must remain single (HUH), but they will not marry a gay couple in their congregation. This is as confusing as the Roman Catholic Church’s stand.
If anyone has a firm belief then it should not be compromised in the least. The Right Wing Christians are a good example of this. They are wrong, but at least they stand firm and do not compromise.
The very fact that the Christian Church compromises on this grievous sin of homosexuality shows that they are not SURE they are interpreting Scripture correctly, which they and Right Wing Christians are not!!!