Marcus Bachmann: Another Anti-Gay Propagandist

Republican Michelle Bachmann’s husband, Marcus, a Christian Therapist who believes one can “pray away the gay”, is just another in a long line of naïve and prejudiced Christian ‘scholars’ who believe God created ALL people heterosexual. Based on what? The Creation story and/or the 6 biblical ‘clobber’ passages? I, a Christian lesbian, would love to show him how wrong he is. He sees the issue from one side, for he was created straight. I see the issue from both sides, for I did not recognize I was gay till the age of 27. I lived a straight life; well, I tried and it tormented me because I could never feel towards men the way all my women friends did. All gays have experienced life in this way and know better than straight people that you can’t “pray away the gay” because God created us gay and doesn’t want us to be something other than who HE created us to be. Gays have a frame of reference; straight people don’t. They don’t know what gays feel, but they continue to tell us that what we feel is not natural. What self-righteousness!! Reminds me of the Pharisees and Jesus was not thrilled with them.
To Marcus Bachmann and all who believe homosexuality is not God created and blessed, I tell you that the only reason a gay person wants to change and be straight is brought about by the condemning attitude of people like the Bachmann’s. Stop perpetuating homosexuality as abnormal and immoral, for there is no Biblical evidence that backs up your belief. Actually, there is biblical evidence against your anti-gay belief. Want to help gays – accept us as the way God intended us to be.
To my gay brothers and sisters, hang in there. Do NOT buy into this perverted anti-gay garbage.
To Marcus and those who believe as he, I would love to debate you on this issue. If you’re so confident that you’re right you should love my challenge. Email me – let’s talk.


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