Michelle Bachmann Calls Gays “Barbarians”

“Barbarian” (Webster’s definition): alien, savage, primitive, cruel, uncultured, coarse.
In my 65 years of life as a lesbian I have been called many names, but NEVER ‘barbarian’, as Michelle Bachmann called gay people, yesterday. I can identify with ‘alien’ because that is the way most of the world treats gays. As for the rest of the definition, Michelle, take a look at your own sexual orientation; not exactly squeaky clean. Generalizing is destructive. We did it to African Americans and women. Further, Michelle stated that passing gay marriage will only lead to making polygamy normal. Take a look at your Bible, because polygamy was the norm. Abraham, the ‘father’ of Judeo/Christian faith was polygamous AND was married to his half-sister. That’s incest.
Come out of the dark ages, Michelle and all who agree with her. This is NOT a person I want for our next President.


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