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Pat Robertson And Homosexuality

August 8, 2011

When the gay marriage law passed in New York State, Pat Robertson said, “no civilization that tolerates homosexuality has ever survived”. I guess Pat is blaming America’s economic mess on us homosexuals. Yet, the Middle East countries condemn homosexuality and they’ve got more problems than USA. I’d look at who’s leading each nation before blaming homosexuals for the destruction of civilization because it’s you heterosexuals. Pat’s statement is naive and quite hateful towards gays. He will say “it’s not me; the Bible says so”, but that’s false. He might say “I don’t hate gays, just their sin”, but is that really how you feel, Pat? You can’t blame one sexual orientation, for all sexual orientations have sinned and fallen away from God and His teachings. It’s not same gender love that is destroying our world, it’s greed, hatred and power. Pat, you need a reality check as does anyone else who believes as Pat Robertson.