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Homosexuality and Gay Marriage Is Not A Sin.

May 13, 2013

It’s undeniable.  The United States of America is seeing the light as more states pass gay marriage into law.

Some conservative Christians will see this as a victory for Satan, but they are wrong.  Many fighting for gay equality are Christians, but the religious right will say these Pro-Gay Christians are false prophets who are leading our country into destruction and souls into Hell.  Again, they are wrong.

What these right wing Christians do not understand is that NOWHERE in Scripture is same gender LOVE (between two consenting, committed, monogamous adults) mentioned.  Take a look at all the ‘clobber’ passages they rely on as CLEAR evidence that ALL homosexual behavior is condemned.  Not one passage depicts LOVE.  Yet, the right wing continues to include LOVE into the picture Scripture paints us.

When will you who believe homosexual love is a sin see how you are perceiving these passages through your own eyes of prejudice and fear?