Homosexuality and Gay Marriage Is Not A Sin.

It’s undeniable.  The United States of America is seeing the light as more states pass gay marriage into law.

Some conservative Christians will see this as a victory for Satan, but they are wrong.  Many fighting for gay equality are Christians, but the religious right will say these Pro-Gay Christians are false prophets who are leading our country into destruction and souls into Hell.  Again, they are wrong.

What these right wing Christians do not understand is that NOWHERE in Scripture is same gender LOVE (between two consenting, committed, monogamous adults) mentioned.  Take a look at all the ‘clobber’ passages they rely on as CLEAR evidence that ALL homosexual behavior is condemned.  Not one passage depicts LOVE.  Yet, the right wing continues to include LOVE into the picture Scripture paints us.

When will you who believe homosexual love is a sin see how you are perceiving these passages through your own eyes of prejudice and fear?




4 Responses to “Homosexuality and Gay Marriage Is Not A Sin.”

  1. Aaron Saltzer Says:

    I’m not sure how love was the issue when God prohibited two men from sleeping together in Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13. Can you enlighten me, please? You told me on fb that it is bc lesbianism is not mentioned in Leviticus that you believe that God didn’t prohibit homosexuality.


    • adamross616 Says:

      Lesbianism isn’t mentioned in Lev. 18 or Lev. 20. It is talking of some kind of sinful sexual behavior between two men as opposed to homosexuality which would include both genders. But that’s not the entire story. One has to take into account what was going on in the society of ancient bible times in order to interpret what is being condemned. This was a pagan society where the one and only God was not being worshipped. The people worshipped gods of many types; one being fertility. Sexual rituals were part of the commands of their graven images (gods). Surely not all were religious rituals and surely they could be mutually consensual. BUT, the sexual behavior was condemned by God because it was non loving; non committed – i.e. marital. It was pure lust; bed hopping we would call it today. This is a sin whether one is gay or straight, pagan or believer. Leviticus is talking about sinful sexual behavior between male/male, but it is not talking about homosexuality.


      • Aaron Saltzer Says:

        I don’t think “seeing the light” is really what is going on here. This wasn’t a “yes” or “no” choice for Americans. It was liberal judges who are making it legal in every state. No one else has a say.


      • adamross616 Says:

        We the people of the United States elect these leaders, so we do have our say. However, it is these elected leaders who have decided who receives rights and who doesn’t. It is, then, fitting for an elected official to reverse decisions “we the people” never had a say in. IF there is a proposition on a State’s voting ballet, then all the people of that State have a say. If the people had the say in the 1950’s there would not have been a Civil Right Law enacted for equality for Black people. That was signed by our elected official, President Johnson and “we the people” had no say. Personally, I would like to see all controversial issues voted on by “we the people”. However, there are dangerous drawbacks to both ways of passing laws.


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