“Gay Christian”: An Oxymoron?

I’ve gotten some flack for using the term “Gay Christian” because it emphasizes “Gay” and not “Christian”.  I would like to explain why this is not what gay Christians are saying.

I do not think we gays originated this term any more than Christians originated their term.  Let’s remember, the word “Christian” is used only 3 times in the New Testament and it was a slur against those who followed Jesus as the Savior.  No where in Scripture will you find Jesus referring to His followers as “Christians”.  Jesus called them “Disciples”.  So, one could say that the term “Christian” is erroneous.

I have used the term “gay Christian” as to distinguish myself from being thought ‘straight’ or heterosexual.  So many people assume I’m straight and I don’t like lying to people.  I usually say, “I am a Christian who happens to be gay.”

Either is acceptable, as using the word “Christian” is to describe your faith.


One Response to ““Gay Christian”: An Oxymoron?”

  1. Aaron Saltzer Says:

    I would personally say that I am a Christian and gay. It sounds better to me.


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