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April 17, 2016

Stealing my post’s title from Country singer Barbara Mandrell, who sang “I was Country when Country wasn’t Cool!”

Born (1946), baptized and raised in a Christian home (ELCA), I knew the Church taught that homosexuality was a sin that would send you to Hell.  Yet, by the time I was 14 I did not believe as the Church taught.  I had read my Bible and knew all the “clobber passages” long before anything positive was preached or written on the subject.  I knew I was different from other girls, but did not realize “how” until I was 27.  Still, I could see NOTHING of a condemning nature in God’s Word.  I saw much sin in the “clobber passages”, but could not see them as condemning same gender love/marriage.  My Mother worked with two men who were homosexual, during my teens. One was a devout Christian man, a teacher in the school in which she worked.  He did not behave as the men in the “clobber passages”.  He was monogamous.

Despite my beliefs, I was tormented by what the Church preached about homosexuals.  Nevertheless, when I realized I was lesbian, I continued to believe homosexual love was not a sin.  I do to this day!

I thank the many gay affirming preachers and writers of the last 10 years, gay and straight, who have put my thoughts and feelings on this subject into words that I knew existed.

My autobiography, “Is God A Gay Basher?” will take you on my journey, based on the Bible.  It’s on Amazon Kindle.  A must read for ALL!! 



April 15, 2016

Lest anyone think my autobiography (Is God A Gay Basher?) is a shallow, worthless ego trip, let me clarify. Everyone has a story to tell that can help another. Surely there are others who could and have written how God freed them from a variety of sinful behaviors.
Raised in a Christian family, fundamentally influenced, I was torn between my love for God and my homosexuality. I take the reader through my life, using the Bible, with all its passages that ”seem” to condemn homosexuality and show how the Bible has been misinterpreted and mistranslated on the homosexual issue. Homosexuality is NOT a sin!
I believe Scripture interprets Scripture and I believe in context when reading the Bible. In doing so, fundamental literalism is not discarded, but seen in a realistic manner. This opens one’s eyes and hearts to the Bible’s truth and, in doing so, will free homosexuals who are struggling to find peace with self and with God and free those who condemn homosexuals, to see the error of their beliefs.
Every life is a story of evolution; a journey; a search for truth, love and security. Mine is but one. One well worth reading.
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April 9, 2016

YES, this is true!

There are homosexuals who have given in to the ignorant belief of some conservative christian churches who preach hell to ALL homosexual behavior, even loving, committed, monogamous marriages, unless “they repent of their sin of homosexuality” and live celibate, preaching against homosexuality.  These homosexual homophobes base their belief on the Bible.

Our Church is split: some “for”, some “against” and a lot confused.  Small wonder!

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My book takes you on my journey and ends with an explanation of all the “clobber passages” and the Creation Account, which will help you discover the TRUTH!!