Stealing my post’s title from Country singer Barbara Mandrell, who sang “I was Country when Country wasn’t Cool!”

Born (1946), baptized and raised in a Christian home (ELCA), I knew the Church taught that homosexuality was a sin that would send you to Hell.  Yet, by the time I was 14 I did not believe as the Church taught.  I had read my Bible and knew all the “clobber passages” long before anything positive was preached or written on the subject.  I knew I was different from other girls, but did not realize “how” until I was 27.  Still, I could see NOTHING of a condemning nature in God’s Word.  I saw much sin in the “clobber passages”, but could not see them as condemning same gender love/marriage.  My Mother worked with two men who were homosexual, during my teens. One was a devout Christian man, a teacher in the school in which she worked.  He did not behave as the men in the “clobber passages”.  He was monogamous.

Despite my beliefs, I was tormented by what the Church preached about homosexuals.  Nevertheless, when I realized I was lesbian, I continued to believe homosexual love was not a sin.  I do to this day!

I thank the many gay affirming preachers and writers of the last 10 years, gay and straight, who have put my thoughts and feelings on this subject into words that I knew existed.

My autobiography, “Is God A Gay Basher?” will take you on my journey, based on the Bible.  It’s on Amazon Kindle.  A must read for ALL!! 


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