Same Sex Attraction (SSA)

“Struggling with SSA (same sex attraction)” has become the mantra of many “bible thumping” conservative Christians to manipulate gay people into guilt and self hatred so that they will stop being who they are: GAY! If this describes you, know that your struggling is NOT caused by God’s Word (the Bible), but by the people who abuse God’s Word and preach homosexuality to be a sin. Gay or straight, it is to whom we are attracted that we are led to a SOUL with whom we fall in love.

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2 Responses to “Same Sex Attraction (SSA)”

  1. Aaron Saltzer Says:

    I have to disagree with you. Our sexuality doesn’t define us like our skin color.


    • adamross616 Says:

      Neither define us!! We are all unique beings and cannot be defined by any one feature. I don’t know why you perceived my post as a definition of anyone based on sexuality. Surely, it is a part of the whole person, but not the whole of the person.


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