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LGBT Affirming Book Recommendations

May 22, 2017

Folks, I read, ALOT….I”ve written one book, but read thousands. It is in the reading from which I glean information about the author, but from their perspective, LIFE.

I am an associate pastor for, and an assistant presiding minister for both a church and a network of churches. We are affirming, loving accepting and welcoming. We care, TRULY CARE about our congregants.

A friend, wrote a book which has become my bible as it were. Kathy V. Baldock‘s “Walking the Bridgeless Canyon”, is probably the best on the subject of church and discrimination, I’ve ever read There is a second one, told first hand. Paula Nielsen‘s autobiography is riveting, It is breathtaking, and spot on accurate. If you have not read Paula’s book, I suggest you do so immediately…It is a true study of life seen through the eyes of a transgender evangelical pastor. Another author you should read, is Brandon Brandan Robertson’s Nomad: A Spirituality For Travelling Light.

And now? Yet another friend has “chimed” in to the author’s list…This one? OFF THE CHARTS…I’ve read the other two countless times to absorb what is being said and pointed out. This one, I’ve just completed for the first time, and am simply captivated…I couldn’t put the dang thing down. It states, with clarity and purpose, not only the trials, but the successes and ultimate coming to grips with herself, that the author intends. Folks, we as human beings tend to be a bit “judgmental” do we not? You ain’t like me, you just aint? type of stuff…Well, this book will blow you away. The challenges of one woman’s life, nailed down, and put together in such a fashion? Unbelievable.

I now have three books in my “trilogy” of reading, all of which spell out to me various aspects of being CHRISTIAN and LGBT. This one, is beyond what I thought it would be, and I highly recommend it to you.

Please read Jan Liebegott‘s riveting life story, entitled “IS GOD A GAY BASHER?” In it, is posed so many questions and so much of life experience. And answers come from US the readers…I can’t recommend this book more highly to anyone of you…this is a good one folks, and is in my trilogy for sure.

Thank you Jan Liebegott! I treasure your thoughts, points, position and outlook on life. Thank you so much.