Gay And Going To Heaven

I was born in Queens, New York in 1946. My parents met at Church. Dad was the organist and Mom was in the Choir. My brother and I were raised in the ways of our Lord Jesus. Being gay in my generation was one of secrecy. If one knew they were gay when they were a teenager, they kept it to themselves; not telling their parents. Many married their opposite gender out of fear, which led to many broken homes and broken children. Others stayed single and searched for the love of a same gender person, in secluded gay bars, not finding love but sexual encounters. Why? Because we were raised to believe being gay was a mental illness; that being gay was perverted; that being gay was against the Word of God as preached by the Church; that being gay was a ticket to Hell. No one wrote or preached in a positive way, as many have in recent years. We didn’t have a highway in which we could find a stable, loving relationship. That’s the world in which I lived. Yet, it is surprising and a testimony to the blessing of God that, today, one finds many long term unions dating back to my generation and before. My autobiography takes you on my journey of struggle and subsequent peace with self and God, despite the biblical “clobber” passages and the Creation story the Church uses to condemn homosexuality. Raised an Evangelical Lutheran I felt freed when I realized I was gay, but was afraid I would go to Hell if I acted on my feelings to love and be loved. My diary-like book takes the reader through the years I was tortured by the feeling that something was wrong with me because I wasn’t like the other girls. I had no idea, till I was 27, that what tortured me were my homosexual feelings. How I found peace with those feelings and peace with God is seen in the evolution of my faith and my understanding of misinterpretations and mis-translations in the Bible, perpetrated by the Church. I delve deeply into all same gender sex passages and show how they led me to peace with God. Peace in knowing that homosexuality is NOT a sin, nor is it even negatively mentioned in the Bible and the peace in knowing I am saved, just as I am. A needed read for all gays who struggle with their sexual orientation, regardless of religious beliefs and a needed read for those who believe homosexuality to be a sin. By the Grace of God, I not only survived, I thrived. You can, too!



7 Responses to “Gay And Going To Heaven”

  1. Aaron Saltzer Says:

    Hi, Jan. wasn’t sure which of my pro-gay friends to ask, so I’ll ask you. Do you believe in sexual fluidity?


    • adamross616 Says:

      What do you mean by “sexual fluidity”?


      • Aaron Saltzer Says:

        Where ones sexuality changes over time.


      • adamross616 Says:

        Sounds like you’re talking about people who are Pansexual, meaning they are sexually attracted to same gender, opposite gender, male or female transgender people. Pansexual people do exist. However, sex without a committed, loving, monogamous marriage between two consenting adults would a sin. God’s rules for sexual immorality apply to all.


  2. Aaron Saltzer Says:

    No. This is what I mean:


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