Southern Baptist Minister’s Comment on Pro-Gay Book.

I have known Rev “E” for 10 years. He’s the son of a Southern Baptist minister and a Baptist minister himself. We met at the Church he lead and I came out to him on the 1st night, after a Bible Study. We have talked, at length, on this issue of gay love being a sin, which he was raised to believe, BUT he always believed I was saved, just as I am – a Christian who is a lesbian. The following is his comment on my autobiography “Is God A Gay Basher?”…

“My blessed and highly favored sister in Christ,

Jan, where do I start?

I am so utterly amazed and impressed with your publication.

You hit all of the major scriptures dealing with the subject matter at hand,
and I was truly moved by your non-judgmental yet totally sincere and non-apologetic style.
Your research was impeccable and your writing is that of a seasoned wordsmith.
Excellent exegesis and hermeneutics and I loved your provision of Greek & Hebrew definitions.

May the Lord continually cover and keep you as you seek to educate the population about the importance of rightfully interpreting God’s word as it relates to showing Christ-like compassion to all God’s people.

love your brother,
Rev. E”

Shared via Kindle. Description: Autobiograpy of a Christian lesbian’s struggle and subsequent peace with self and God, despite the biblical “clobber” passages and the Creation story many use to condemn homosexuality. Raised an Evangelical Lutheran I felt fr…

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