So Many Gay Affirming Books


I love the increase of Christian gay affirming books on homosexuality.  When I was growing up, there were NONE!  Yet, somehow, without them, I was able to wade through the anti-gay books and, more importantly, the Church’s condemnation of homosexuality, based on the Bible.  I had no formal theological schooling;  Each time I read those passages, I just could not see what I was feeling and, later, living, as sinful.  In recent years these new gay affirming books have come to reinforce what I always believed.  Sometimes they are a bit complicated, but they are a needed read along with my autobiography which takes you on my personal journey to peace with my homosexuality and with God, in a simple, easy to read format that delves deeply into the passages used to “clobber” gays.  Click below and get a free sample read.


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