Medical Malpractice To Those Who Do Not Abuse Opiates.

I am not unconcerned for the drug addiction epidemic in our country or for those who are addicted. However, I must speak up for those, like me, who responsibly take drugs like Xanex for medicinal reasons (like a diabetic who takes insulin) and NOT to get a “high”. My friend of 55+ years, a retired nurse of 84 wise years, with whom we keep our friendship thriving, though she has lived in Colorado the last 45 years, had this to say after her “yearly update” email of last week and my “update reply”.

“Sorry about the delay responding to your email. It sounds like you’ve
been dealing with some complicated health issues resulting from some
complicated turmoil during the process of wanting to be healthy..

Thank goodness things seem to be working out now, but with such chaos
that never should have taken place. I’m sorry you had such an ordeal.
Now that things appear to be working out for you, let’s hope and let’s
pray all shall be well and that you will be feeling tip top, minus the
outrageous costs involved getting there.

Undoubtedly, our health system is out of order. The financial aspects of
it are beyond reason. The focus on opiates, which sounds like a good
thing, is actually creating new problems affecting so many people. Not
very long ago, those dealing with pain in their lives were encouraged to
use opiates, often in prescribed increasing dosages, by doctors and
their “benefactors”, the pharmaceutical companies, who are known to
encourage doctors to push their products. My oh my.

One of my friends recently had shoulder surgery and found the prescribed
pain medicine he was given wasn’t helping much, particularly when he was
undergoing physical therapy. He was told, “Your pain isn’t as bad as you
think it is.” Egads!!! Is this what our health system has come to? This
same fellow with the shoulder pain had been wounded in combat in Vietnam
when a Medic.

Let’s hope a compassionate and sensible resolution is in sight…an
affordable one too.”


I hope this reaches the DEA, our Government Officials, Medical Doctors, Pharmacies and all who are being treated like addicts when WE ARE NOT!!




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