Homosexuality And The Bible: Answers


4 Responses to “Homosexuality And The Bible: Answers”

  1. Aaron Says:

    I had a discussion with my mom tonight about homosexuality and The Bible. She quotes that God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. She also says that God made marriage between a man and a woman. I tried defending what I have come to believe in recent years. I also referenced you to her. She basically told me that’s your decision. I don’t think she’ll ever change. My mom is stubborn and hard-headed. I do wonder if I finally meet someone, if she’ll bother with me. She’s not the only anti-gay person in my family. I know when I get married, I will be having a private ceremony because of this.


    • adamross616 Says:

      There will be some anti-gay people who won’t (they can, but won’t) bring themselves to listen to what more and more pro-gay people, both clergy & lay, are teaching because their minds are closed. Your Mom sounds like one of those people. Sounds like your only option is to get away from her; find your own place to live and live the life YOU want, especially since you have other anti-gay family. It’s really tragic that family cannot love and include you as you are, but that is the unfortunate reality for all too many LGBT’s. I will pray for you and your family!


      • adamross616 Says:

        I realize leaving your family and living on your own is not an easy thing to do. You love your family, despite their beliefs on homosexuality and it’s expensive to live on your own. So, while you must stay in your mother’s house, don’t talk about homosexuality. You’ll only make things worse for yourself.


  2. Aaron Saltzer Says:

    I never bring it up. The other day she was hassling me about going to church and I reminded her that I don’t go because I haven’t found one I feel accepted at. That’s when we got into a debate to where she was accusing other people of filling my head with stuff. I still am somewhat cowardice I suppose of not telling some people what I believe due to not wanting condemnation and to refrain from arguing. I would not lie if asked about it. Also, I did post a video on YouTube a year or two ago of what I believe which got supportive comments if any. I even cited websites which were helpful to me for people who are questioning or looking for the truth. Thanks for your prayers. If I can pray for you or anyone you know, let me know.


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