My Short Story: Christian, Gay Affirming Lesbian!

My Story:  “Is God A Gay Basher?”  Memoirs of a Christian, gay affirming Lesbian

I was born in Queens, New York on 4/22/46. My Parents met at Church. Dad was the organist and Mom was in the Choir. My brother and I were raised in the ways of the Lord.
In 1955 my family moved from Queens to Shoreham, on the North shore of Eastern Long Island. When I was fourteen I wanted to become a minister, but the Lutheran Church did not ordain women ministers at that time. Though disappointed, I was not going to let an ignorant rule stop me from serving my Lord. I’d find another way.
However, in 1973 I realized I was a lesbian. I was tormented. How could I be a Christian, serve the Lord and be an active lesbian? The Church said homosexuals were doomed to Hell. I knew all the passages the Church used to prove this, but I could not “buy” into their beliefs.
In 1976 I was married to a wonderful woman, in a ceremony in our home, by a Unitarian minister. Our sixteen year marriage ultimately failed, but we remain best of friends to this day. Since then I have lived alone where I worked as a bookkeeper until 2008, when I retired. I work part time during the day and continue to stay active in gay affirmation & celebration of gay love/marriage.
I have dedicated my life to my Lord, focusing on helping gays/lesbians know that they are loved by God and heirs to His Kingdom. My book, “Is God a Gay Basher”, available on Amazon, takes the reader on my journey through life and shows how to find peace with God, just as you are: gay.


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