“Is God A Gay Basher?” Review.

Tom Weller

Yes, authors do tend to support one another…My book is a primer…This one is far more than that, as is Walking the Bridge less Canyon by Kathy V. Baldock and Sister Paula Nielsen‘s autobiography.

I first met Jan Liebegott several years back. When it became her turn to voice her opinion in print, I jumped immediately on the band wagon.. She is a dear friend, although we have yet to meet face to face, but having read this book over and over, She says what I struggled for years to translate into language that people could understand…SHE tells her story in a way that very few have the courage to talk about and say out loud

Folks…We as Allies do not possess the intimate knowledge of feelings, emotions, and the knowledge that a person like Jan possesses..She states the case that I defend and will continue to defend.

It really don’t matter where you’ve played before, this stage is a brand new game…You have at your fingertips definitive definition to an issue of mounting importance…I have the book, I love the author’s candidness and objectivity…Perhaps you have question that Jan can answer for you. Perhaps you are LGBTQ, still in the closet and are frightened by the thought of coming out…Regardless? No matter what? Give this expose a read…It is worth your time and worth your talent to consider this.

WE as a culture need to understand all elements of our culture and this is a sure fire way to add a piece to YOUR understanding of US. I highly recommend this book to you…


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