Response to Scott Barefoot

7/1/16  Scott Barefoot

“I continue to get asked the question: “If it hadn’t been for your HIV diagnosis, do you really think you would’ve left the ‘gay community'”?
Here is my answer:
“Your question is not a foreign one… Many people ask it.
Yes, my HIV diagnosis was a significant “low point”, but I cannot say that had it not been for it, that I wouldn’t have left the “gay community”. I would like to think that The Holy Spirit would’ve worked in some other way.
The gay community is a young, “body beautiful” one… Once you reach a certain age, gain a few extra pounds, your hairline recedes a bit… You become “incommunicado”… I.E. An outcast.
It is indisputable that embracing a homosexual lifestyle is against God’s will. And, The Holy Spirit works in various ways to convict hearts. Maybe, the HIV diagnosis was His way in doing that for me.
I pray that it doesn’t take something so drastic for you (and others).”
That’s my answer!”


1)  “I cannot say”, “I would like to think” “Maybe”.  Doesn’t sound convincing to me.


  • “Gay Community is a young, “body beautiful” one etc. This is a person describing a community of externals.  Lose your “looks” and you’re an outcast?  Come on!  This is the thinking of immature people.


  • True; the Holy Spirit works in various ways to convict hearts and can use HIV, brought on by promiscuous sexual living, not uncommon to the straight world, but I believe this man misunderstood what the Holy Spirit was convicting. It was not this man’s desire to love and be loved, in a marital way, with another man.  It was to lead him TO such a relationship, instead of his many “partners” in the time he participated in the “gay lifestyle”.  Had he not gotten HIV, he’d still be in the “gay lifestyle” of shallow, serial relationships.


  • “Indisputable that homosexuality is against God’s Will” – very debatable, but that’s the way he was raised and rejected UNTIL he was diagnosed HIV. Then he began to rethink and “threw the baby out with the dirty water”.   Longing to belong; longing for peace, he returned to the belief of his younger years – i.e. homosexuality is a sin.



This is NOT the way to peace with one’s homosexuality and Christian faith, for it is living a lie.  It is denial in the name of “God condemns homosexuality.”


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