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Why read my autobiography??

December 3, 2009

Lest anyone think my autobiography is a shallow, worthless ego trip, let me clarify. Everyone has a story to tell that can help another. Surely there are others who could and have written how God freed them from a variety of sinful behaviors.
Raised in a Christian family, fundamentally influenced, I was torn between my love for God and my homosexuality. I take the reader through my life, using the Bible, with all its passages that ‘seem’ to condemn homosexuality and show how the Bible has been misinterpreted and mistranslated on the homosexual issue as well as others. Homosexuality is NOT a sin!  I believe Scripture interprets Scripture and I believe in context when reading the Bible. In doing so, fundamental literalism is not discarded, but seen in a more realistic manner. This opens one’s eyes and hearts to the Bible’s truth and, in doing so, can free homosexuals who are struggling to find peace with God and free homophobes who condemn homosexuals to see the error of their beliefs.
Every life is a story of evolution; a journey; a search for truth, love and security. Mine is but one. One well worth reading.
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