Message to Anti-Gay Clergy

The purpose of this blog has been to help ALL sexual orientations understand that our Holy Bible has NEVER condemned homosexuality as a sin. In all the “clobber” passages, only 1 Corinthians 6: 9-11 contains the word “homosexuals” and this is an absolute mistranslation. Apparently many of our clergy do not understand that until the 19th century there was no word for homosexual. One’s sexual identity was determined by CONTEXT and in the English translated Bible ‘homosexual’ was inserted by biased translators.
To those Christian clergymen/women who preach that we homosexuals must repent of our “sin” and change is not an option no matter how many gays tell you they have changed from their homosexuality by the power of Jesus. This is simple denial, which will not lead to an abundant life because living a lie is never right. They have only changed their sexual behavior, not their inner sexuality.
What needs to change and what can be changed is our understanding. It is time for anti-gay Christians to realize that they are incorporating their dislikes, originating from their fear and prejudice, into God’s condemnation. They base this on six “clobber” passages in the Bible that are not even talking about same gender sexual relationships. My autobiography explains this in a simplified, yet, detailed way. I am not an ordained minister. I am an ordinary woman who has been blessed by God to understand the truth about homosexuality by being raised in a Christian family and nurtured by my Lutheran Church. At the age of 10, at a Billy Graham Crusade, I gave my life to Jesus. I was 27 when I realized I was gay, tormented by the teaching of the Church, but found peace by the GRACE of God. I had no help from human clergy.
Fundamentalist Christians, whose understanding of the Bible is so literal (black and white), cannot see the truth that Jesus, who is God, NEVER preached for or against homosexuality. Once did He quote from the Holiness Code in Leviticus and that pertained to loving one another. Jesus preached, at length, on every sin mentioned in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. Why would He leave homosexuality out? Because it’s not a sin. Let’s not further confuse people by equating the word “fornication” with homosexuality. Fornication is sex WITHOUT a loving, committed relationship. Fornication is pure LUST and IS a sin whether you’re gay or straight.
What Scripture was speaking of was prostitution, practiced by pagans who worshipped other gods or no god; other passages spoke of HETEROSEXUAL men and women having LUSTFUL and/or VIOLENT sex with their own gender. They, too, were pagans. This is not homosexuality.
Indeed, heterosexuality is the predominant orientation, for it is the only natural way to procreate, but that does not negate homosexuality as a natural way for 2 same gendered people to have a relationship of love, commitment and monogamy. LOVE is what God is concerned with, not gender.
I wrote my autobiography to help gays, but also to help straight people “walk” in the shoes of a Christian homosexual who lived an unnatural straight life for 27 years, till God revealed my true sexual nature. No need for repentance for a sin concocted by misguided Christians.
It’s all rather simple to understand once one realizes that “Whosoever believes (meaning committed to Jesus as Christ/Messiah) shall not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:16

Details in my autobiography “Is God A Gay Basher?” on Amazon Kindle.  A much needed read.


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