Message to Anti-Gay Clergy

The purpose of this blog has been to help ALL sexual orientations understand that our Holy Bible has NEVER condemned homosexuality as a sin. In all the “clobber” passages, only 1 Corinthians 6: 9-11 contains the word “homosexuals” and this is an absolute mistranslation. Apparently many of our clergy do not understand that until the 19th century there was no word for homosexual. One’s sexual identity was determined by CONTEXT and in the English translated Bible ‘homosexual’ was inserted by biased translators.
To those Christian clergymen/women who preach that we homosexuals must repent of our “sin” and change is not an option no matter how many gays tell you they have changed from their homosexuality by the power of Jesus. This is simple denial, which will not lead to an abundant life because living a lie is never right. They have only changed their sexual behavior, not their inner sexuality.
What needs to change and what can be changed is our understanding. It is time for anti-gay Christians to realize that they are incorporating their dislikes, originating from their fear and prejudice, into God’s condemnation. They base this on six “clobber” passages in the Bible that are not even talking about same gender sexual relationships. My autobiography explains this in a simplified, yet, detailed way. I am not an ordained minister. I am an ordinary woman who has been blessed by God to understand the truth about homosexuality by being raised in a Christian family and nurtured by my Lutheran Church. At the age of 10, at a Billy Graham Crusade, I gave my life to Jesus. I was 27 when I realized I was gay, tormented by the teaching of the Church, but found peace by the GRACE of God. I had no help from human clergy.
Fundamentalist Christians, whose understanding of the Bible is so literal (black and white), cannot see the truth that Jesus, who is God, NEVER preached for or against homosexuality. Once did He quote from the Holiness Code in Leviticus and that pertained to loving one another. Jesus preached, at length, on every sin mentioned in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. Why would He leave homosexuality out? Because it’s not a sin. Let’s not further confuse people by equating the word “fornication” with homosexuality. Fornication is sex WITHOUT a loving, committed relationship. Fornication is pure LUST and IS a sin whether you’re gay or straight.
What Scripture was speaking of was prostitution, practiced by pagans who worshipped other gods or no god; other passages spoke of HETEROSEXUAL men and women having LUSTFUL and/or VIOLENT sex with their own gender. They, too, were pagans. This is not homosexuality.
Indeed, heterosexuality is the predominant orientation, for it is the only natural way to procreate, but that does not negate homosexuality as a natural way for 2 same gendered people to have a relationship of love, commitment and monogamy. LOVE is what God is concerned with, not gender.
I wrote my autobiography to help gays, but also to help straight people “walk” in the shoes of a Christian homosexual who lived an unnatural straight life for 27 years, till God revealed my true sexual nature. No need for repentance for a sin concocted by misguided Christians.
It’s all rather simple to understand once one realizes that “Whosoever believes (meaning committed to Jesus as Christ/Messiah) shall not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:16

Details in my autobiography “Is God A Gay Basher?” on Amazon Kindle.  A much needed read.


9 Responses to “Message to Anti-Gay Clergy”

  1. The Flash Says:

    But sir, so many children abused in the Church!

    Pope Francis “Who am I to Judge?”

    Did not the Lord give you authority! and what about the many countless victims? no justice for them!

    Pope Francis ” Gay clergy should be forgiven and their sins forgotten”

    There is no way I’m going to bring my children to be blessed or receive communion or go to confession before a so called gay clergy or queer priest in the house of the Lord. It’s a disgrace!!! no regard for the countless numbers of children and families who have been molested and french kissed by these demonic queers in the church.
    No regard for these suffering people whatsoever!
    The millions upon millions of dollars spent to protect and keep these stink en jackass queers comfortable, when all this money should have gone to the poor needy and homeless!!

    It is illegal for this so called gay clergy to perform any ceremonial services to the faithful, let alone dress up in holy e tire.

    This pope is a bum blasting jackass! a deceiver! one who speaks not the word of the Lord.
    A BIG DOSE OF TRUTH MIXED WITH A BIG LIE. And the gaul to say this, returning from youth day!
    So shall the Lord come with swift justice to all those who agree with this brown stained pope.

    U can bet on that!
    In Jesus Mary and Joseph Thy Will Be Done, Amen and Amen (*)


    • adamross616 Says:

      You misquote Pope Francis. He said “gays who seek the Lord, who am I to judge.” He was vague but I think he was saying that anyone who believes Christ Jesus is Lord, Son of God, our Savior will be saved; he never used the word “forgiven”. Hopefully the Pope is realizing that there is nothing to forgive. You also seem to believe that it is homosexual Roman Catholic Priests who molest children and I believe you are wrong. It’s both straight & gay Priests and a handful, who are molesting children and this is a sin and should be exposed and dealt with in a just way. Just as there are good & bad people in every sexual orientation is no reason to condemn ALL homosexuals who are Godly, chaste Priests. You don’t want your children to be blessed or given communion by a gay priest, that’s you’re right, but I have to say that your attitude is full of hate and self righteousness. If you are without sin, cast the stone.


  2. Flowing River Says:

    I can see that what you posted can get many confused in what is wrong and what is right by those seemingly logical reasoning. What is the truth? Who can declare that he or she knows the truth?

    If a man loves another man, he would not have anal intercourse with him. You can try it yourself to understand the consequence ( both short term and long term). Medical research indicates a significantly high percentage of gay who have anal cancer as compared to the straight. So are the other types of STD diseases.

    If a gay who truly loves (if he wants the best for his children), he will also not to try to raise his children with another man. Many people don’t understand that a mother’s natural role can not be replaced in baby and young children’s physical and psychological growth.

    Of course, people can still do all things that you like with God’s given free will. But those they don’t obey God are those who have a tunnel and nearsighted vision. Some people open their eyes when they grow older and understand more the truth, and regret many mistakes they made when they were young. This happens to both gay and straight.

    Love, sex, and marriage are three things that are related but need to be treated differently.

    Lust is a sin no matter what the sexual orientation he or she has, and the person is married or not. A true loving sex should only happens between a man and a woman within a marriage and not lustful.

    As an old man, I just want to share what I’ve seen and learned.


    • adamross616 Says:

      Let me preface by saying that I believe sex was made for two consenting adults who love each other and vow to be faithful, loving & monogamous ’till death do us part.’ This is my understanding of marriage no matter what gender the two adults are.
      Now, anal intercourse, gay or straight (and some straight men like their wives to penetrate them; it brings pleasure because a man’s prostate gland is at the top of the anus), should not be done without a condom because the Ecoli virus is present in fecal matter. With condoms the spread of disease from Ecoli virus is stopped as are other STD’s. (I don’t believe there were condoms in biblical days, but then, I wasn’t alive then). Straight couples should also make sure neither has an STD before engaging in vaginal intercourse because most STD’s are spread in this manner. You’re focusing on male/male anal intercourse not because of disease, but because you see it as putting a man in a submissive state, like you put your wife in a submissive state. It’s OK with a woman because women have the receiving orifice, but you won’t allow yourself to see that a man has a receiving orifice, too – the anus. It won’t produce children, like a vagina, but it can still bring pleasure when having sex. Many men feel as you, seeing anal penetration of a man (by another man or by a woman) as having power over the other. The issue is not who’s penetrating who, but who’s got the ‘power’ when having sex. This is not what one should be thinking when having sex. How many times I have heard men refer to their penises as “tools”, or “weapon”. The emphasis on the penis in sex is over-rated, for a woman’s vagina is NOT her main way of achieving orgasm – her clitoris is and no penetration is needed. At least 1/2 of women do not achieve orgasm thru vaginal/penal intercourse, but via clitoral stimulation, by tongue or finger or rubbing.
      As for children needing a male and female parent for proper psychological growth, well, that’s not true. Many children are raised by one parent and turn out just as psychologically well adjusted as those who are raised by a male & female parent couple. There is plenty of research on this and since you say you’re an “old man”, you’ve lived long enough to see that psychologically dysfunctional children come from heterosexual, married couples. Research has been done on gay parents and findings are surprisingly positive in the stability of children of gay couples.
      I agree that LUST (sex without love & commitment) is a sin and I have made that quite clear in my posts.
      You say “love, sex and marriage are 3 things that are related but need to be treated differently.” Within a loving, committed relationship (as I said before), they become one.
      I don’t know how old you are, but I’m 67 and am trying to share what I have seen and learned, too. We just see things differently. God sees LOVE, not gender. Nowhere in Scripture is there a condemnation of homosexuality – it’s not even mentioned. You and many others are reading you’re own prejudices into a few passages in Scripture (like those who read slavery to be God’s Will), when Scripture is talking about same gender LUST and nothing more. Same gender, loving relationships are not addressed in Scripture.
      Thank you for your comment.
      Yours in Christ, Jan Liebegott (aka: adamross616)


  3. dcclergy Says:

    In all our logical thinking and justification on this challenging subject why is it that Romans 2:18-32 is omitted almost in every discussion. If we love God and His Word in total is authoritative then homosexuality based on His Word is wrong. Now if God is not one’s authoritative figure in their lives then it’s simply no discussion. By focusing on the term “homosexuality” and it’s not being mentioned, etc., that carries no wait when clearly Paul’s epistle to the Romans explicitly says that women with women is unnatural, not normal. Likewise, men desiring men is sin. When clergy genuinely tries to point out these human fallacies, and we certainly aren’t perfect by no stretch of the imagination, then the frustration and anger gets misdirected at us. When in fact it’s our duty to love the sinner, as a Jesus did, and to hate the sin as God does. I’m open to dialogue hopefully to help, understand, recommend, and advise if I can. Hopefully our dialogue can be cordial. There is no hate. Be blessed.


  4. Courtney Peters Says:

    I think you must mean Romans 1:18-32. Anyway, in Romans, Paul is writing to a small group of Christians living in Rome, which at the time was falling apart. They were in the midst of a transition period, and wanton sex and idolatry were rampant throughout the area. In the book of Romans, “they” refers to the Romans that these Christians were surrounded by. The Romans worshipped many gods and animals, and even each other (as athletes, gladiators, etc.). In the first chapter of Romans, he states that because of this idolatry, God gave them over to shameful lusts. This is typically the passage that anti-gay people use to condemn homosexuality. However, these “unnatural lusts” were actually the punishment rather than the sin (idolatry). This still doesn’t seem good for gay people, but unnatural lusts likely referred to the practice of pederasty in which an older rich man would take a younger poor boy to have sex with all of the time or ‘straight’ people sleeping with same-sex partners as part of idol worship. Pederasty was big at this time in Rome. Later, Paul outlines the sins that he is actually upset with (Romans 1:29-32). Homosexuality is not mentioned at all. What God really hates is idolatry.


  5. mithrandirolorin Says:

    KJV onliers can’t even claim Corinthians uses it.


  6. radav637 Says:

    I use the word “objectification” instead of “lust”. “Lust” can be confused with “passion”, part of the sexual expression of honest Love. God doesn’t want to be made into an object. He/She doesn’t want us to make each other into limited objects to be coveted, either. He/She calls us toward tender, loving regard for each others’ sacred autonomy–to always see each other as blessed beings, reflections of, children of God that are at once both limited by forgivable weakness and yet simultaneously embodying boundless potential. It seems. To me. 🙂


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