Right Wing Christian’s Rebuttal To “Is God A Gay Basher?” Post on Facebook.

November 30, 2016
Galatians 1: 8-9  was Gregory’s reply and this verse states ” (8) But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we preached to you, let him be accursed.  (9) As we have said before, so now I say again, if any one is preaching to you a gospel contrary to that which your received, let him be accursed.”


Jan Liebegott
Jan Liebegott And who is preaching the “contrary gospel”? Of course it must be people like me, cause you surely understand all. Open your mind and heart to the Word of God, which says NOTHING about homosexual love.


Gregory Kenfield
Gregory Kenfield Not true, and you know it.


Jan Liebegott
Jan Liebegott LOL. Those who have ears, let them hear. Open your ears, Gregory.


Gregory Kenfield
A) Gregory Kenfield Ears for the truth I have…not for your lies. You admitted that you were preaching a contrary gospel the day you condemned me as a “traditionalist” (making yourself someone UN traditional, and therefore on the wrong side of the above verses).


Jan Liebegott
Jan Liebegott As you now & always have condemned me and those who believe as I. Condemn away at me and those who believe as I; we are growing in number and wisdom because we research both sides of an issue and find truth. You prefer to stay in your comfort zone, fearing the truth. I will say no more on this, for it is a waste of my time.


Gregory Kenfield
B) Gregory KenfieldI have never condemned you, nor am I doing so now…I condemn homosexuality as a sin, because God does. I do NOT condemn people…in fact, I’ve mostly avoided discussing the topic with you altogether. I stand on God’s word, and I have no reason to fear you or your lifestyle choices…you do, but I don’t.
I kept my promise to “say no more to Gregory” and give my response to those who are open-minded, unlike Gregory.  I will respond to “A” & “B”, which I inserted for clarity.
A)  I don’t recall actually using the word “traditionalist”; I’ve called him an anti-gay, right wing, conservative Christian and that could have been taken as “Traditionalist”.   Since I am a Christian lesbian who sees no evidence of homosexuality being a sin, in Scripture, we ARE on opposite sides.  We both “admit” our preaching is contrary to one another.  I believe he is wrong, but have never “condemned” him to Hell.
B)  Notice the shift in the word “condemn” as used by Gregory.  His condemnation “is not of people, but of homosexuality”, BECAUSE God condemns homosexuality.  He “stands on God’s Word” as do I and we both believe we are right.  However, on God’s word, Gregory condemns homosexuals to Hell for their “sin”.  I believe Gregory and those like him, are sinning by incorrectly using the Bible to support THEIR condemnation of gays to Hell.  I believe it is Gregory who is sinning by believing homosexuality is a sin, based on his understanding of God’s Word; however, I HAVE NEVER condemned him to Hell for what I believe is his sin.
Gregory will not read my book “Is God A Gay Basher?” (Answer is “NO”), which you can find on Amazon Kindle or on my Facebook Page and take a FREE SAMPLE read.
Not for me to tell anyone with whom to “side”.  Just wanted you all to see how divided Christians are on this issue.  You who have read this post can decide.
God Bless!
12/1/16  The discussion continues.  View it on my Facebook Timeline.

Gays & Trump: Now More Than Ever, This Book Needs To Be Read!!

November 10, 2016


Autobiography of a Christian lesbian’s struggle and subsequent peace with self and God.  . https://www.amazon.com/God-Gay-Basher-Jan…/dp/B004PVSN6S



September 15, 2016

People of Grace is a spin-off ministry of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod.  Its purpose is to transform the minds of gay people and those who are gay affirming, through Scripture.  It is not “conversion therapy”; it allows one to be gay, but condemns one IF they “act” upon their same sex attraction OR preach that gay love is NOT a sin.  In this sense, they are closely related to conversion therapy.  They preach that one cannot be a believer in Jesus/God while living & loving gay.  They preach Hell to ALL unrepentant gays and will tell you they are doing this because they “love” you.  They back this up with the Bible; their interpretation, which leads gays to more suffering and struggling than they all ready endure.  Most of the time their theology leads gays AWAY from faith in God/Jesus.

You can see more on their website www.poglutherans.org.  It is a website that one cannot join easily, for they “vet” thoroughly anyone who is pro-gay.  However, you can view a few areas.


If you are gay and struggling with your homosexuality and your faith in God/Jesus, I would suggest you read my autobiography. https://www.amazon.com/God-Gay-Basher-Jan…/dp/B004PVSN6S

Travel Back In Time

September 4, 2016


Take a trip back in time. Back when being gay was seen by most all as perverted and sinful. Back before the pro-gay allies of the past ten years. Back when the Church was the authority of our social and political beliefs on homosexuality. Much more work to do for full inclusion and affirmation of homosexuality.

Same Sex Attraction (SSA)

June 27, 2016

“Struggling with SSA (same sex attraction)” has become the mantra of many “bible thumping” conservative Christians to manipulate gay people into guilt and self hatred so that they will stop being who they are: GAY! If this describes you, know that your struggling is NOT caused by God’s Word (the Bible), but by the people who abuse God’s Word and preach homosexuality to be a sin. Gay or straight, it is to whom we are attracted that we are led to a SOUL with whom we fall in love.

For more evidence check out my autobiography, “Is God A Gay Basher?” on Amazon Kindle.  $6


June 9, 2016

Among the better known LGBT allies of the last 10 years, most of whom are not old enough to have experienced what life was like for LGBT’s in the days of “old”, I humbly and with respect and admiration, stress what is so important to remember – without the gay pioneers we would not have come to the equality, inclusion and affirmation we see burgeoning.

     The “Daughter’s of Bilitis”: a group of unknown lesbians who wanted to meet in places other than gay bars. 1955

     Rev. Troy Perry – 1968:  Founder of the Metropolitan Community Church aka “the gay church”.

     Stonewall –1969:  When LGBT people said “We’re mad as Hell and we’re not going to take this abuse any longer!” 

     This is but a tiny sample of average people, unknown people, fighting for the right to be who they are.

     We need leaders, but some fail to see that average LGBT’s ARE leaders.  Yet, too many of our stories are being ignored.   

     Share the “spotlight” with those who have lived in a time when society and the CHURCH condemned us to Hell.  Share our stories of hiding and lying in order to keep a job or stay in a Church or in a false heterosexual marriage.  Share the stories of those who did not have the benefit of allies.  Share the stories of failure because of CHURCH CONDEMNATION!!  Share the stories of those same gender couples who have loved in a marital way and kept their faith in our Lord God & Jesus the Christ.

     We need each other!!  Sharing and working together, we will keep moving forward!

     By sharing OUR stories, the average “Jane’s and Joe’s,” you will encourage more LGBT’s to be open and active and will show the Church the truth of God’s Word – GAY LOVE IS NOT A SIN!!

     REMEMBER: without LGBT Pioneers “rocking the boat” our nation’s government would not have changed; our Churches would not be debating this issue and making changes. 

     You leaders need us because you can’t reach enough.  There are too few of you and many of us with untapped resources.


Order my story “Is God A Gay Basher” on Amazon Kindle.  




May 28, 2016

   This was the title of my autobiography back in 1989 when I first submitted for copyrights and received such.  Lacking funds, I couldn’t market it for sale.   Many years later I changed the title to “Is God A Gay Basher” and revised the book, several times, till I was satisfied with the results in 2015.

The account of my life “escaping from Hell” remains the same, but the ending (Book 4) has drastically changed due to reading books written by anti-gay and pro-gay clergy, which put words to what I always believed in my gut.  Oddly, it was in reading material that was anti-gay that showed me how right my “gut” beliefs were.  See why in my book, on Amazon Kindle.





May 1, 2016

It’s not the first time the Church has been wrong on what is and what is not sin.  The Church was wrong on slavery, women’s equality, interracial marriage and now they are wrong on homosexuality. 

Read my autobiography, “Is God A Gay Basher” and see why I believe as I do.  Homosexual love/marriage is NOT a sin — it is blessed by God.

Available on Amazon for only $6.  A must read for ALL, especially those, straight and gay, struggling with this issue.


April 17, 2016

Stealing my post’s title from Country singer Barbara Mandrell, who sang “I was Country when Country wasn’t Cool!”

Born (1946), baptized and raised in a Christian home (ELCA), I knew the Church taught that homosexuality was a sin that would send you to Hell.  Yet, by the time I was 14 I did not believe as the Church taught.  I had read my Bible and knew all the “clobber passages” long before anything positive was preached or written on the subject.  I knew I was different from other girls, but did not realize “how” until I was 27.  Still, I could see NOTHING of a condemning nature in God’s Word.  I saw much sin in the “clobber passages”, but could not see them as condemning same gender love/marriage.  My Mother worked with two men who were homosexual, during my teens. One was a devout Christian man, a teacher in the school in which she worked.  He did not behave as the men in the “clobber passages”.  He was monogamous.

Despite my beliefs, I was tormented by what the Church preached about homosexuals.  Nevertheless, when I realized I was lesbian, I continued to believe homosexual love was not a sin.  I do to this day!

I thank the many gay affirming preachers and writers of the last 10 years, gay and straight, who have put my thoughts and feelings on this subject into words that I knew existed.

My autobiography, “Is God A Gay Basher?” will take you on my journey, based on the Bible.  It’s on Amazon Kindle.  A must read for ALL!! 


April 15, 2016

Lest anyone think my autobiography (Is God A Gay Basher?) is a shallow, worthless ego trip, let me clarify. Everyone has a story to tell that can help another. Surely there are others who could and have written how God freed them from a variety of sinful behaviors.
Raised in a Christian family, fundamentally influenced, I was torn between my love for God and my homosexuality. I take the reader through my life, using the Bible, with all its passages that ”seem” to condemn homosexuality and show how the Bible has been misinterpreted and mistranslated on the homosexual issue. Homosexuality is NOT a sin!
I believe Scripture interprets Scripture and I believe in context when reading the Bible. In doing so, fundamental literalism is not discarded, but seen in a realistic manner. This opens one’s eyes and hearts to the Bible’s truth and, in doing so, will free homosexuals who are struggling to find peace with self and with God and free those who condemn homosexuals, to see the error of their beliefs.
Every life is a story of evolution; a journey; a search for truth, love and security. Mine is but one. One well worth reading.
Cost $6.00 on Amazon Kindle. Don’t have a Kindle Reader, Amazon has a FREE app.