Religious Left As Dangerous As Religious Right!

October 9, 2017

(Religious LEFT message):  If you don’t hear this message at church this morning, hear it from me–Jesus didn’t die to save you from an angry God, but to save you from believing He is. For God is not a divine drunk storming out of a bar with retaliation in His heart towards an unfaithful humanity.

Instead, the wrath of God is His furious love reaching out, longing to possess that which She desires–your full awakening to Grace.

In fact, hell is the experience of the religious in a heaven where all are equally loved, accepted, approved, and adored without conditions. For nothing tortures and frustrates the heart of the self-righteous like the giving of wholeness and approval to all by a God who is pure Love and unlimited Grace.

So, hear it loud and hear it clear, there is no punishment, condemnation, or vengeance from God towards you or anyone else–period, full stop. His heart has nothing but affection and affirmation for you. Go ahead, try as you will, God’s love and goodness can never be over exaggerated or overestimated. To believe is to rest in the goodness of God without fear.

For the only two places in Scripture where Jesus was specifically recorded as being angry were at people withholding Grace, not at people trusting, believing, and proclaiming it too much–if that could ever be a thing.

Relax, breath, be free, and live. You are loved beyond measure.

My reply:  Got to disagree: Many people, probably even many Christians, think God’s love is unconditional. And insofar as God extends his love to all people without distinction, it is true. But many have bought into the sentimental notion of unconditional love evidenced in the old popular song, “Though it makes him sad to see the way we live, he’ll always say, ‘I forgive.’ ” This is fuzzy romanticism and cheap grace, not the good news of Jesus Christ.

For all who question God on His Unconditional Love!

If God is all-powerful and all-loving, it would seem inconsistent with His nature to allow anyone to be lost. Here again we rationalize because we do not understand the nature of God. God cannot go against His own laws and against His own nature. God is holy. He cannot tolerate sin in His presence. He created us free to choose how we would live. He invites us to come His way, but leaves us free to pursue our own ends with tragic, natural consequences. We glibly say, “Surely a loving God would not allow a person He loves to be lost. He just wouldn’t allow it.” Far from allowing it, God has done everything He can to prevent it! Talk about love! “God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes shall not perish but have eternal life”. (Condition). This is good news. Because of what God in love has done for us, we need not be lost.


Conservative, Anti-Gay Christians

September 9, 2017

Looking for conservative, anti-gay Christians to engage in discussion on Facebook.  I am Christian and a lesbian and gay affirming.  Let’s communicate!!

Southern Baptist Minister’s Comment on Pro-Gay Book.

September 2, 2017

I have known Rev “E” for 10 years. He’s the son of a Southern Baptist minister and a Baptist minister himself. We met at the Church he lead and I came out to him on the 1st night, after a Bible Study. We have talked, at length, on this issue of gay love being a sin, which he was raised to believe, BUT he always believed I was saved, just as I am – a Christian who is a lesbian. The following is his comment on my autobiography “Is God A Gay Basher?”…

“My blessed and highly favored sister in Christ,

Jan, where do I start?

I am so utterly amazed and impressed with your publication.

You hit all of the major scriptures dealing with the subject matter at hand,
and I was truly moved by your non-judgmental yet totally sincere and non-apologetic style.
Your research was impeccable and your writing is that of a seasoned wordsmith.
Excellent exegesis and hermeneutics and I loved your provision of Greek & Hebrew definitions.

May the Lord continually cover and keep you as you seek to educate the population about the importance of rightfully interpreting God’s word as it relates to showing Christ-like compassion to all God’s people.

love your brother,
Rev. E”

Shared via Kindle. Description: Autobiograpy of a Christian lesbian’s struggle and subsequent peace with self and God, despite the biblical “clobber” passages and the Creation story many use to condemn homosexuality. Raised an Evangelical Lutheran I felt fr…

How To Avoid Gay Conversion Therapy and Keep Your Faith in God!

July 29, 2017

Gay And Going To Heaven

July 9, 2017

I was born in Queens, New York in 1946. My parents met at Church. Dad was the organist and Mom was in the Choir. My brother and I were raised in the ways of our Lord Jesus. Being gay in my generation was one of secrecy. If one knew they were gay when they were a teenager, they kept it to themselves; not telling their parents. Many married their opposite gender out of fear, which led to many broken homes and broken children. Others stayed single and searched for the love of a same gender person, in secluded gay bars, not finding love but sexual encounters. Why? Because we were raised to believe being gay was a mental illness; that being gay was perverted; that being gay was against the Word of God as preached by the Church; that being gay was a ticket to Hell. No one wrote or preached in a positive way, as many have in recent years. We didn’t have a highway in which we could find a stable, loving relationship. That’s the world in which I lived. Yet, it is surprising and a testimony to the blessing of God that, today, one finds many long term unions dating back to my generation and before. My autobiography takes you on my journey of struggle and subsequent peace with self and God, despite the biblical “clobber” passages and the Creation story the Church uses to condemn homosexuality. Raised an Evangelical Lutheran I felt freed when I realized I was gay, but was afraid I would go to Hell if I acted on my feelings to love and be loved. My diary-like book takes the reader through the years I was tortured by the feeling that something was wrong with me because I wasn’t like the other girls. I had no idea, till I was 27, that what tortured me were my homosexual feelings. How I found peace with those feelings and peace with God is seen in the evolution of my faith and my understanding of misinterpretations and mis-translations in the Bible, perpetrated by the Church. I delve deeply into all same gender sex passages and show how they led me to peace with God. Peace in knowing that homosexuality is NOT a sin, nor is it even negatively mentioned in the Bible and the peace in knowing I am saved, just as I am. A needed read for all gays who struggle with their sexual orientation, regardless of religious beliefs and a needed read for those who believe homosexuality to be a sin. By the Grace of God, I not only survived, I thrived. You can, too!


God and Gays

June 18, 2017

LGBT Affirming Book Recommendations

May 22, 2017

Folks, I read, ALOT….I”ve written one book, but read thousands. It is in the reading from which I glean information about the author, but from their perspective, LIFE.

I am an associate pastor for, and an assistant presiding minister for both a church and a network of churches. We are affirming, loving accepting and welcoming. We care, TRULY CARE about our congregants.

A friend, wrote a book which has become my bible as it were. Kathy V. Baldock‘s “Walking the Bridgeless Canyon”, is probably the best on the subject of church and discrimination, I’ve ever read There is a second one, told first hand. Paula Nielsen‘s autobiography is riveting, It is breathtaking, and spot on accurate. If you have not read Paula’s book, I suggest you do so immediately…It is a true study of life seen through the eyes of a transgender evangelical pastor. Another author you should read, is Brandon Brandan Robertson’s Nomad: A Spirituality For Travelling Light.

And now? Yet another friend has “chimed” in to the author’s list…This one? OFF THE CHARTS…I’ve read the other two countless times to absorb what is being said and pointed out. This one, I’ve just completed for the first time, and am simply captivated…I couldn’t put the dang thing down. It states, with clarity and purpose, not only the trials, but the successes and ultimate coming to grips with herself, that the author intends. Folks, we as human beings tend to be a bit “judgmental” do we not? You ain’t like me, you just aint? type of stuff…Well, this book will blow you away. The challenges of one woman’s life, nailed down, and put together in such a fashion? Unbelievable.

I now have three books in my “trilogy” of reading, all of which spell out to me various aspects of being CHRISTIAN and LGBT. This one, is beyond what I thought it would be, and I highly recommend it to you.

Please read Jan Liebegott‘s riveting life story, entitled “IS GOD A GAY BASHER?” In it, is posed so many questions and so much of life experience. And answers come from US the readers…I can’t recommend this book more highly to anyone of you…this is a good one folks, and is in my trilogy for sure.

Thank you Jan Liebegott! I treasure your thoughts, points, position and outlook on life. Thank you so much.

How To Avoid Gay Conversion Therapy

April 10, 2017

I was born on Long Island, NY in 1946 and have lived here all my life. If gay conversion therapy existed when I was growing up, I knew nothing about it. The Church taught us that homosexuality was a sin that would send gays to Hell because we were perverting God’s plan for men and women. I could never believe this and my autobiography takes you on my journey to freedom from false Church Doctrine on homosexuality. In recent years conversion therapy has become a “hot” topic, as it should, for it is a destructive therapy – destroying minds and faith. For those who are minors, living with a family that is outraged by homosexuality I would suggest NOT telling your parents you’re gay.  Yes, stay closeted if you fear being persecuted within your family or thrown out of your home or threatened in any way.  I realize this is difficult, if not impossible to do.  Someone may “out” you or you may just want your family to love and affirm you as you are.  However, if you only know the negative side of this issue from your family, then this book will help you see the other side, through the Bible.  Whether you are a minor or an adult, living on your own, you need to read this book and see how wrong gay conversion therapy is and how wrong anti-gay Christians are in understanding what the Bible is and is not saying about homosexuality.  It will set you free from the false teachings of the Church.

Right Wing Christian’s Rebuttal To “Is God A Gay Basher?” Post on Facebook.

November 30, 2016
Galatians 1: 8-9  was Gregory’s reply and this verse states ” (8) But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we preached to you, let him be accursed.  (9) As we have said before, so now I say again, if any one is preaching to you a gospel contrary to that which your received, let him be accursed.”


Jan Liebegott
Jan Liebegott And who is preaching the “contrary gospel”? Of course it must be people like me, cause you surely understand all. Open your mind and heart to the Word of God, which says NOTHING about homosexual love.


Gregory Kenfield
Gregory Kenfield Not true, and you know it.


Jan Liebegott
Jan Liebegott LOL. Those who have ears, let them hear. Open your ears, Gregory.


Gregory Kenfield
A) Gregory Kenfield Ears for the truth I have…not for your lies. You admitted that you were preaching a contrary gospel the day you condemned me as a “traditionalist” (making yourself someone UN traditional, and therefore on the wrong side of the above verses).


Jan Liebegott
Jan Liebegott As you now & always have condemned me and those who believe as I. Condemn away at me and those who believe as I; we are growing in number and wisdom because we research both sides of an issue and find truth. You prefer to stay in your comfort zone, fearing the truth. I will say no more on this, for it is a waste of my time.


Gregory Kenfield
B) Gregory KenfieldI have never condemned you, nor am I doing so now…I condemn homosexuality as a sin, because God does. I do NOT condemn people…in fact, I’ve mostly avoided discussing the topic with you altogether. I stand on God’s word, and I have no reason to fear you or your lifestyle choices…you do, but I don’t.
I kept my promise to “say no more to Gregory” and give my response to those who are open-minded, unlike Gregory.  I will respond to “A” & “B”, which I inserted for clarity.
A)  I don’t recall actually using the word “traditionalist”; I’ve called him an anti-gay, right wing, conservative Christian and that could have been taken as “Traditionalist”.   Since I am a Christian lesbian who sees no evidence of homosexuality being a sin, in Scripture, we ARE on opposite sides.  We both “admit” our preaching is contrary to one another.  I believe he is wrong, but have never “condemned” him to Hell.
B)  Notice the shift in the word “condemn” as used by Gregory.  His condemnation “is not of people, but of homosexuality”, BECAUSE God condemns homosexuality.  He “stands on God’s Word” as do I and we both believe we are right.  However, on God’s word, Gregory condemns homosexuals to Hell for their “sin”.  I believe Gregory and those like him, are sinning by incorrectly using the Bible to support THEIR condemnation of gays to Hell.  I believe it is Gregory who is sinning by believing homosexuality is a sin, based on his understanding of God’s Word; however, I HAVE NEVER condemned him to Hell for what I believe is his sin.
Gregory will not read my book “Is God A Gay Basher?” (Answer is “NO”), which you can find on Amazon Kindle or on my Facebook Page and take a FREE SAMPLE read.
Not for me to tell anyone with whom to “side”.  Just wanted you all to see how divided Christians are on this issue.  You who have read this post can decide.
God Bless!
12/1/16  The discussion continues.  View it on my Facebook Timeline.

Gays & Trump: Now More Than Ever, This Book Needs To Be Read!!

November 10, 2016


Autobiography of a Christian lesbian’s struggle and subsequent peace with self and God.  .…/dp/B004PVSN6S